Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  1. I'm trying to see what the recruiter was thinking, I think that there is an impression that if you're on vacation while unemployed that you're spending a lot of money and maybe don't need it that much, was it an expensive vacation or were you just staying with some friends out of town or something?. maybe they were worried that if you're on vacation that you don't really need the job that much and wouldn't be a good worker, of course that's not the case as people take vacations to relax and it doesn't have anything to do with how productive it would be, but that could be what they were thinking. and maybe the manager was only available that time that you were not available, maybe next time instead of saying on vacation. just say that you're out of town or just say you had already scheduled something for that date like an appointment

  2. I fully understand what you’re saying as well. I’ve been unemployed for about 6 months, but the vacation I was on had been booked back in 2020 before COVID and was delayed multiple times, and we were finally able to go because my husband was able to get off. So the trip was booked before we had our son, and before I lost my job. I don’t think that it should reflect on me personally because yes we took the vacation but it was fully booked and paid for already. It was more about whether or not we could find a babysitter and fortunately my MIL was able to take my son that week and my husband was able to take off of work. It just sucks really really bad. It was an all inclusive vacation that I had waited for for 2 years, and knowing it could’ve potential ruined a good job for me sucks.

  3. I understand your frustration. It’s like tap dancing with these employers. You can’t give them any inkling that you’re living life outside of them.

  4. Annoyed for you!!! :( I was also on vacation recently and was overlooked because I couldn't go to in person interviews. It also seemed like I was being judged for being unemployed and on vacation tbh, my overworked partner needed time with me... I passed up for an opportunity when I got back when I asked for a hour to wait until my partner was off work to discuss the insane hours they were offering me. It seems to me like you can't offer a single sign that you want work/life balance without being shunned for it.

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