ULPT Request

  1. He could just sign away his rights to her crotchfruit. That way there'd be no child support. One of my brothers did this. Took a bit of effort (court, notary, etc.) but he doesn't pay for either of his two daughters.

  2. This is called unethical tips. So if you dont have a unethical tip for the guy then spare us your morals and don't comment. He is on here to find a way to help his friend not hear people say what his friend should of done or his responsibilities he now has. Geez people gotta throw their 2 cents in. This is how you comment to a question like this. Tell your friend to take the girl to in amusement park to celebrate them having a child and take her on all the rides twice. Make sure he stands in front of and blocks the signs that say if your pregnant do not ride this roller coaster. See thats helpful and answering the question. Another example of how to answer this. Have him call her on the phone and tell her how happy and excited he is that they are having a child. Tell him to invite her over. Then throw on a ski mask and catch her on her way to his house. Rob the shit out of her rough her up a little make sure to get the stomach good. Steal her purse run home clean up put some sweats on so it looks like you have been home all day. When she shows up all beat tf up holding her belly telling you she was robbed and thinks she lost the baby you get all riled up and angry and swear to her that your gonna find whoever did this to her your gonna find him and kill him. Then fake cry that you lost the baby and lie telling her how much you wanted to be a father and you cant believe you lost the baby yada yada yada. Boom no more baby its that easy. That's what he is looking for here ideas ways to solve the problem. Your welcome

  3. Then if you get caught beating a known pregnant woman in the stomach, you'll go to jail. The more anti-abortion the state, the longer the jail sentence. Can't pay child support in jail. Also the mother will never want you around her ever again.

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