ULPT: How to break an apartment lease

  1. The most realistic way to break a lease without getting into illegal territory is to bring the landlord a pre-screened lease transfer applicant. By doing a lease transfer, you will not be liable as your lease responsibilities will be terminated once transferred, whereas with a sublease you are still bearing responsibility for what the tenant on your lease does. I got out of my last lease by bringing the management company a couple who didn't have any pets, agreed to the rent price, and were willing to complete the management company's screening. If you do the leg work for them, you are greatly incentivizing your chances of getting out of your lease.

  2. This. At the end of the day the landlord just wants continuity of tenancy. Only an asshole landlord looking to screw you over for financial gains would enforce penalties under these conditions.

  3. What if the landlord still denies it? Plus there's the background check. If they say no, isn't the person you're trying to get to take over kind of screwed?

  4. This is great, thank you! I’m not familiar with a lease transfer… is the idea they finish out the length of your lease? Or begin a totally new one year lease?

  5. Every lease I've signed in California, Texas, and Oklahoma has had a specific clause against sub-leasing. Definitely read your lease OP.

  6. These are all really good... Thanks for taking the time to type all of this out, but unfortunately, these will not work for her. I can give you a thumbs up for your trouble.

  7. Property manager here - for the DV excuse, in many places where this is the law the landlord can ask for a police report or other documentation. I know this law from both sides unfortunately because I once broke my own lease after being attacked by a stranger in the parking garage.

  8. I once had a horrible apartment where everything just went wrong. I was let out of the lease. The lady at the apartment complex wrote in that someone had attacked me at the apartment. I was never attacked. It was just a shit apartment.

  9. Seems like bathrooms always have a little mold in them someplace, How about getting a mold testing kit to find the mold behind your walls and tell them you need immediate remediation or to be released from your lease?

  10. And it is really affecting your friend's asthma, or she has started having shortness of breath. If she can back that up with a Dr note, it might just work.

  11. Most places will let you out of a lease if your job transfers you somewhere far. Write her a letter from her "employer" stating that she is being transferred to a location in Alaska or something. Put your contact info.

  12. If the landlord is a schmuck who would call to assure (this has happened to me), ask a trusted friend to act as the new landlord / employer's personal #.

  13. Depends on the landlord but they will often be more accommodating if you find someone to assign the lease to. They don’t usually care about who lives there they just don’t want the hassle of finding someone and the break in revenue.

  14. We technically don't have a choice, but not all landlords know the ins and outs of Mitigation of Damages. Essentially, it's everyone's responsibility to be reasonable and not inflate the damages that our counterparty might be held responsible for.

  15. I was a leasing manager a few years back. This woman came into our office in complete hysterics one morning. She showed us pictures someone took from her phone, of her, while she was sleeping. She had come in once before to request that her locks be changed because she misplaced her keys somewhere and felt like she was being stalked. The photos on her phone were a while after we changed her locks. We never got to the bottom of it but allowed her to move out immediately and with no strings attached.

  16. I currently have five repair orders in for my rental. If they are not fixed by the end of June, I’m breaking my lease. What sort of repairs does your place need?

  17. Fuck a military person and have them write you a fake letter of military service obligation. It allows anyone out of a lease as required by law. Rarely contested.

  18. Had a friend get another friend a letter from his reserve unit for $100 for it to be from an actual unit. Worked and he was able to get a nicer place for the same price even though he had 10 months left. You could take a letter but it looks better if it actually comes from a legit person that doesn't mind bending the rules.

  19. Say the place is haunted and you can't live there anymore. Hide a bunch of noise makers and randomly vibrating devices so when your landlord comes to check they believe it is haunted. Maybe bury a skeleton in the garden that you uncovered while gardening and that woke up the spirits.

  20. Have your friend die in the first apartment. Thoughts and prayers, she's resurrected, and can legally lease the house she wants.

  21. There are lawyers who will help break a lease. They look for building issues. Like structural issues with cracks in the wall, NOT HAVING CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS, safety concerns, anything really. Then they contact your property manager. Threaten to sue for safety reasons OR they can let you out of your lease.

  22. It's kind of like getting out of a relationship by having the other person break up with you, but consider this...

  23. The best way is to talk directly to the landlord and ask to get out of the lease. If she finds a subletter, this conversation will go much better. You find a subletter by first talking to the landlord and saying "If I can find a subletter, will you let me do this?" and then you post on facebook marketplace and all the other rental boards and look for someone to take your place. She'll want to actually work to find a decent person, bc she will be the master tenant and depending on the laws where she lives, she will be responsible for her tenant.

  24. If you ask permission first then anything that happens after is suspect and they'll fight harder to get your money.

  25. In many states they can’t actually come after you for rent beyond the reasonable time needed to find a replacement. So maybe a month or two. They could still put something on your tenant report.

  26. Stand directly in the middle of the apartment, clap then yell "I BREAK THE LEASE". Should be good a few minutes after that.

  27. Look into your lease to figure out what stipulations you need to meet to break the lease without cost. My lease was broken with no consequence because our apartment was hit by stray gunfire.

  28. More likely than not, they will only be able to keep the security deposit. Nothing is certain but I would put my trust that those penalties will never be collected

  29. What I've found works is to tell them you are being transferred for work and ask them to list the apartment for rent and show it to prospects. Deep deep clean and stage the place to look good. If they lease the place they legally cannot accept double rent so they typically let you out of the lease from the day the new tenant begins to pay.

  30. I doubt that person is getting out of it with an unethical tip, why not just try an ethical one? Why not find someone else to take on the lease, I doubt the owner cares, as long as the money keeps coming in, or worse case your friend keeps the lease and sublet it...

  31. Fake a back injury or brain injury. Ask for handicapped accommodation like handrails, walk in showers or a shower seat, grab bars in showers, new floors...When they can't deliver ask to be let out of lease. You'll save them thousands of dollars.

  32. (CO here) My partner is in crutches from a car accident. Our elevator broke for four days. When he was hopping five flights of stairs, a rail (rusted over) also broke. I happened to take video as soon as this happened and luckily he wasn’t further injured.

  33. Most states have a stalker clause or protections for domestic violence. Write yourself creepy letters, go file a police report saying you don't know who's leaving them, then you can break your lease (if you state has these laws). I know for a fact it can be done in MA and WA.

  34. There are some exceptions for medical stuff or qualifying events. Just have to look into those. May need to get a dr note of diagnosis or something but may be able to forge

  35. I was a leasing manager a few years back. This woman came into our office in complete hysterics one morning. She showed us pictures someone took from her phone, of her, while she was sleeping. She had come in once before to request that her locks be changed because she misplaced her keys somewhere and felt like she was being stalked. The photos on her phone were a while after we changed her locks. We never got to the bottom of it but allowed her to move out immediately and with no strings attached.

  36. They should break it if you tell them your car has been vandalized several times, there's been threats of physical violence and you fear for your safety. You can also tell them that she is getting sexually harassed as well.

  37. If you complain enough to my property manager about negative things in the apartment he may let you out without penalty. Usually asks for picture proof of issues.

  38. Talk to the landlord. Basically, if you find a replacement tenant that they can vet, usually they'll be fine breaking the lease. Nothing unethical about doing this.

  39. My brother got out of a lease once by asking the office about subletting. Turns out that the apartment complex had so many applicants that they were willing to break the lease without penalty. Though this apartment was a couple blocks away from the Mayo Clinic so that might have played a part.

  40. We were in similar situation, but with only 3 months left on the lease. They straight up refused subletting or any kind of transfer. So we put the unit on Airbnb for those 3 months. It’s against the lease, but what would they do? Kick us out? In the end nothing happened because they did not care at slightest. Airbnb income pretty much covered the rent. I am not proud of it, but we are talking thousands of dollars. And if you live in apartment you’re probably not well off to begin with.

  41. I think you can get out of a lease if your job transfers you. I could be wrong, but read the lease agreement. If so she can say she got a new job, or the one she had id transferring her to another city. Any documents needed can easily be faked.

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