Halloween decorated truck has a funny surprise

  1. You sound just like Tucker LOL. Why can't I take a piss on the street? Is this a war on people pissing in the streets? Why is Biden trying to control us through the piss police? I'm just asking questions!"

  2. Ever have to poop REALLY bad in the morning, but you have morning wood, so you go to sit on the toilet but can’t squeeze it out because if you do, you’ll pee up as well, and you can’t bend the boner into the toilet unless you have like a 2 inch erect penis. It’s a very niche question, but something I think guys experience at least once lol.

  3. My friend used to have a neighbor next to his house with a deer thing like that on his truck too and we’d fuck with it lmaooo it would be hilarious if it was the same truck here

  4. I had a piece of shit Saab when I was younger, and the back windshield wiper fluid thing was broken so that it squirted directly backwards like this.

  5. My brother's old bronco did the same thing. And for whatever reason the back window washer fluid came out at like super soaker speeds.

  6. With a pump, 12v, a switch and a hose? Pretty straight forward, likely used his window washing solution pump and container then diverted a hose to the skeleton.

  7. Based on the space between the bottom of the rib cage and the hip ridge (crest) , the sex of the skeleton is female.

  8. These are my favorite kind of bumper-sticker pimp-my-truck folk. No politics, not shoving any alpha asshole opinions at you, more of a "yeah I got hobbies you now know of," and just wants you to have a good time.

  9. I would say the most unexpected thing was seeing a pick up in this US without a Trump flag or sticker on it.

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