This is an injustice

  1. I hate these videos. They want us to believe that the dog is feeling some sense of injustice and we just all know he's not. Videos like this make me cringe

  2. Bro you're taking this way too seriously. You feel like you're being manipulated by a meme video. I just see it as a joke. It's not that deep. I don't believe the dog is feeling dread or anything. I don't even believe the video is meant to fool us. It's just a clever little video that personifies dogs a bit and makes us laugh. People like personifying animals - especially dogs. It's funny.

  3. May not be "injustice" in the sense that apes feel injustice. But one thing for sure that dogs and mammals do feel is dopamine spikes and troughs.

  4. It’s a funny video, I think most people realize that is not why it’s reacting. You must be really fun to have at parties lmao

  5. Me a cat person: Sure some of my cats are pricks that like to break stuff but never have any of them ever shown any aggression towards humans unless cornered and provoked.

  6. I had a dog years ago that would bark in protest if I only gave him half of a dog buscuit. I would give him the big ones all the time but sometimes you reach in the box and get a broken on. I'd give it to him and he knew it wasn't the same as a whole one. He'd get mad and drop the broken one and bark at me like "wtf man?"

  7. Jack Russell Terriers hate injustice, and are one of the few dog breeds smart enough to recognize it when they see it.

  8. he reminds me of the buff kangaroo picture. when he gets angry and starts to shake you can see his muscles more and it just looks like that to me

  9. Man was waiting patiently for his bite. Well, atleast he got something, I'm not sure he can eat but it was there.

  10. I already don't like eating in front of my dog to a certain extent. Idk why this is a thing that's funny/ popular though. I wouldn't fake my dog out like that, he knows what he's getting for food and if he gets a little more treats or whatever he's happy but this just kinda seems dickish. I'm not all outraged or anything but wouldn't do this to my pup, whether or not this one's smart enough to get what happened. They're basically wolves that evolved to domesticated animals by eating our scraps, giving them the impression of getting an equal meal to ours and giving them shit all is a dick move. My dog has a an awful stomach for seasonings/spices so I can't give him more beyond his normal food and treats that sit well with his stomach, and I know that bugs him a bit. Fuck this video.

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