No child seat

  1. "Here, honey. Hold this stick. I just peed on it a few minutes ago while plotting our announcement with that white officer over there. That should get your heart racing."

  2. no, he was shot down with the costly expenses of having a child in america so you ain't wrong

  3. well the driver def. had a fear for his life during this. this is a cruel way to do a "funny" pregnancy reveal. also its a flex that the mother-to-be is connected, that she can get a cop to do shit for her.

  4. And this is just the beginning of "feel good" cop videos your about to see because of last week in Uvalde. Next is gonna be the cop and puppy videos or the cop playing basketball with the homies or skateboarding with the punks.

  5. Buffalo shooting was a literal three weeks ago. Uvalde last week. As a Black person there's no way, I'd ever create an unnecessary encounter with the police or anyone who upholds white supremacy with a gun, especially with someone I love in the car. How she thought this was a good idea, is beyond me. This is how folks get killed. And it ain't cute, FTP, ACAB.

  6. I have a funny feeling we are going to see more feel-good cop-as-part-of-the-community posts for a while as spin control after TX.

  7. There's a reason this video is reposted over 9000 times. There has never been another example of cop interaction that ends with both parties breathing.

  8. You ever notice these heartwarming cop videos make it to the front page a few days after cops start getting bad press. Like, every single time.

  9. Just saw a video from 2019 of a cop helping out a little boy who was walking around the streets while his parents were asleep. A three year old video just happens to hit the front page after the Uvalde cowards... What a coincidence.

  10. There's not enough to go around though. The heartwarming cop videos are always old reposts while the abuse videos are always fresh and abundant.

  11. Because Reddit has been heavily manipulated by the Fed to push propaganda. That's why Norfolk Virgina has the highest density of Reddit users.

  12. I've never understood why you wouldn't look at the result of a pregnancy test together at the same time instead of one person knowing before the other

  13. Sometimes it's just timing. My wife let me sleep in cause I did a double shift the night before and took a test when she was feeling queasy to be sure it wasn't the flu. She jumped on the bed to show me and it was the best rude awakening of my life.

  14. My wife waited to tell me too. We hadn't been trying long and she bought me a little "Best dad ever" mug and handed it to me. So I got to open that and just have the most insane mix of emotions of my life haha

  15. Yeah someone asked why would this happen and I just explained there are literally people paid to manipulate and push this shit on social media.

  16. That's not what bothers me. If cops actually served or protected, I'd be fine with them doing stuff like this.

  17. Dude there is a whole PR war going on behind the scenes of social media. You didn’t see this old weird AF video by accident.

  18. I did it a different way. On our way to visit my grandpa for the last time I told my brother to drive carefully because there was a baby on board lol took my mom and him a couple of moments but when they realized it was great! No need to get the cops involved 😂

  19. What's even more amazing is how many upvotes it managed to get. 18k upvotes but there's also a massive number of comments calling this out as propaganda.

  20. is it necessary to scare the poor guy to death and leave him with PTSD for this? just put a message inside a balloon or smthng

  21. The police officer then drags him out of the car for making a false report and beats him for resisting... the wife is later tased for hysteria.

  22. Wow can the father chill a bit ? he seems waaaay to happy about it hes gonna have a heart attack .

  23. Glad this turned out to be a heartwarming moment, but man, fuck people who get cops or even fake ones involved in surprises like this, just for a "you shoulda seen your face!" moment.

  24. Nope, I don't want some random stranger helping my wife tell me she's pregnant. Just weird. You can see it on the guy's face.

  25. The cop folding his arms on the door settling in and kinda getting ready to dive into their personal moment. Like dude, you did your part so now walk away and let them have their time.

  26. I always find that after any monumental police fuck up, there are a load of videos recycled on here that show the police in a positive way.

  27. Hold up… did the cop know about it? Maybe he’s the dad and planting the evidence on the driver?

  28. Whenever police criticism is at an all time high, social media gets flooded with the videos of cops. The PR machine is in full effect.

  29. It's amazing the human species has survived all these years by doing these things in private. Apparently now everything must be a public event.

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