I'm uncomfortable.

  1. Let’s see… Running water combined with an electric appliance. On a nightstand where it could get knocked over. What can possibly go wrong here?

  2. On the plus side it looks old design wise so if they still keep using today that must mean nothing bad has happened with them yet and old appliances were built like tanks in terms of durability.

  3. Good idea but you need better control over the water flow. It looks like there’s a drunk guy trying to pee in the cup from 10 feet above the lamp shade

  4. That'd be awesome to have, I hate when I wake up thirsty and want some water and I reach over for my cup only to find it's empty and now I have to get up and go to the kitchen to get some water for my dry throat, but with this shit I could just pour myself a glass and never have to get up

  5. this had been posted so many times on that sub a week ago that i had to quit it, i would say around 40 times in 1 day . everyone on that sub hated that video btw

  6. Electrician here, you'll probably find that light - as long as it's built to the countries spec, will be double insulated and maybe even ELV (extra low voltage) which will do absolutely no damage to you.

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