Problem solved 👍

  1. It's multiple cars though. I assume this guy or a friend of him owns a scrapyard, and had a bit of the lols before stripping down these cars.

  2. This is going to be reposted on DiWHY and similar subreddits with 500 outraged comments from people who can't discern sketch videos from real life.

  3. For me it's the sped up video and ghetto ass examples of how the door falls off just opening it and also the showmanship of driving 10 feet and allowing your friend to enter like your a fucking chauffeur or some shit in this 10 dollar.l car

  4. Do not try to close the door—that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no door.

  5. Right? Lol, they make this super unnecessary mega door and the next shot is two guys opening doors and the doors just fall on the ground.

  6. A 60 year old man who is now blind told me that he would do anything to be able to see again. He had welded for almost 44 years and many times without protection. Just sad. Really good person too. He was lucky since he could afford doctors and medication but there are some that can't even deal with the cronic pain and live on the streets after becoming blind from their work. Since they're unemployble now.

  7. Some real Red Green, “If a woman don’t find ya handsome, at least she could find ya handy” energy about this clip.

  8. That's what I was thinking! Lack of safety equipment, older model car, randomly fucking with some poor vehicle. It checks the boxes.

  9. I love how there is a brother/sisterhood of people across the world who have considerable mechanical skills and knowledge and an awesome lack of respect for health and safety considerations.

  10. I'm curious... Did you hear someone mention osha once and now you think they are like overlords of any type of work? I'm actually asking since your viewpoint seems pretty common.

  11. It just makes me laugh thinking of him going to buy groceries, parking the car and the door casually drop to the ground

  12. I wonder if this guy has an insane ammount of identical cars or if he ends up having to fix the doors after each video

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