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  1. Hi, does anyone know how i can send a certified copy of my diploma and official final transcripts to uoft? I know i have to do it from my high school but i don't know how to send it. Do I email them? If so does anyone know what address to email? Thanks in advance!

  2. hey, talk to the admissions team in your respective campus for UofT, with special consideration it doesn't guarantee admission but is always reviewed on individual merit. if you are slightly lower the admission criteria by a grade or two, apply for special consideration. If it is really low I don't know the best way forward.

  3. Hey there, I wanted to apply for one of the Engineering programs at UofT, I wanted to know what test scores I should have to get in, or at least have a chance.

  4. To have a good chance you'd need at least a 95 average with good extracurriculars, but it does depend on other factors like the others have said.

  5. It's all subjective, tbh. It depends on what country you are applying from, and other factors. COVID affected my mental health isn't the best argument — there are too many people that were similarly affected for that to make a difference. Give it your best next year, and make sure to apply to safety universities in your home country.

  6. Engineering status just changed from "currently under review" to "* Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Office shortly." Any good signs?

  7. anyone know when you have to make first payments or where to check for 101 students. Tried looking around but UofT resources are terrible to try to find meaningful info

  8. Hey, i just received an email a few minutes ago that I have an admission decision available. Although I initially applied to utsc cs, i got deferred to stats and accepted my offer. When I check the portal now it says that my stats offer is withdrawn and that i am admitted to cs now. Is this a fluke? I also dont see the change on my ouac so I cant accept. I have to accept the offer by June 13 so how long would I have to wait for ouac to update? Thanks

  9. i got into chestnut residence but i don’t remember applying to it. when is the last day i hear from all the colleges because my main ones were new college and i think vic and i’m hearing chestnut is ass? my deadline to accept it is the 13th soooo plz help

  10. When should I start applying for classes? I am a 105 Student, and was told we could make appointments to schedule them in June

  11. Hi! I am a newly admitted student of utsg social Sciences. I was offered chestnut residence last night but it is really expensive. If I dont accept the offer of this residence, does this mean I will not be getting any other offer? Like offer from other residences or do you get only one chance for this? Thank you!

  12. Yo, I'm currently a 4th year Biology major. I'm also an international student, I'm interested in grad school my current GPA is 3.3, however my 3rd year GPA was 3.6. However due to the pandemic, and my own reservations I was not able to obtain any lab experience throughout my college life, hence I'm wondering if delaying my graduation date by maybe a year to obtain lab experience doing a honors thesis or directed studies would be worth it prior to applying for grad school.

  13. I would graduate on time and if you don’t get into any grad program you can just take non-degree courses (if gpa is the concern) or find lab experience afterwards. No reason why you have to go directly into grad school once you graduate so no reason to pay for more tuition especially if you are paying international rates

  14. Anyone else still have an offer that is still in blue? Does this mean I can still accept? I accepted my offer somewhere else before the deadline but now I’m rethinking if I should go to UofT. Help!

  15. Did anybody here just get an acceptance letter to UFT to comp sci co-op, for domestic, or was it just me. I'm so triggered, as I already paid the $500 deposit to Ontario Tech.

  16. Has anyone received an offer for the master of information program yet? Western is breathing down my neck asking for a $400 deposit by tomorrow and I don't want to give that up before knowing what the score is with U of T.

  17. I’m on the verge of rejecting the offer I got from UTSC (Management BBA) as the tuition fees are astronomical considering the fact that they even refused to offer me Coop. Thus, I’m thinking about applying to UNSW which I’ve heard is one of the top universities. Let me know your take on my situation. Any kind of helpful and positive advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.

  18. A lot of the undergraduate programs require a U/ M course however in Manitoba most of the courses I see that are available to Grade 12 students next school year are listed as 40S with some being 40U( I have applied for English 40U) is a U/ M course similar to a to a 40S class or are there some differences?

  19. Hey, a 40k scholarship is pretty good right? Is the given scholarship upon entry to the uni a renewable one by the way?

  20. Hello I am incoming ug student for fall 2022, does anyone have any idea about any groups specifically made for incoming undergrad students on any one of the platform?

  21. Any international exchange students applying to the School of Graduate Studies gotten accepted or rejected yet? The wait is killing me.

  22. Hello! 101 here, I accepted my offer a while ago but I've only received feedback from the engineering portal that I accepted my offer but nothing like an actual email... Is it the same for everyone else too??

  23. Gr 11 marks don’t matter if you have grade 12 marks completed or at least the midterm is available when your application is being looked at.

  24. You an make it just work on it over the summer, build better and effective study habits that work for you and go over basics in the subjects you're struggling in. Also try to focus on some extracurriculars once you're in gr12, those can help boost your application somewhat and may help connect you to people who can help you or your situation. Sometimes it might be environmental factors and the people you interact with that help you do better! It's not a lost cause! Good luck!

  25. really want to know the amount of applications they got this year that they still haven't reviewed them all and given out decisions

  26. Anyone hear waiting on an engineering transfer decision? I thought I had this in the bag, but I'm getting really stressed about it now.

  27. guys I was on the waitlist (105 eng applicant). Now it says ''a decision is pending on your application''. Is this something +ve for me?

  28. I think first we pay a deposit and then they’ll email us letting us know how much we pay for tuition sometime before classes start. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

  29. I just got accepted to Rotmans commerce as an undergrad, I did not apply to any scholarships nor did I get any admission merit-based scholarships. Are there scholarships I could still be eligible for? Or only for the 23-24 school year?

  30. This is a dumb asf question (101 applicant) but does anyone know how you pay for the deposit fee? Or whens the latest to pay?.

  31. all im going to say is that it’s been such a great time checking out this megathread everyday and im gonna miss doing that LMAO. to anyone else who sees this, gl in the future!!!! :)

  32. Got an offer from another Uni and it's deadline is today still haven't heard from UofT, I really wanna go to UofT if I accept the other offer will I close the doors on me being accepted...but also if I don't get accepted I would have lost my other offer for nothing. Why is this so stressful.

  33. I have received an offer from Social Sciences but want to go into Management second year. Is it possible to still take courses that are pre reqs for management and transfer into it second year? I also received an offer from Queens Commerce but UofT has always been my dream school. I want to know how likely it is to transfer within UTSC with a good gpa 1st year.

  34. I believe you can, but just know that the pre reqs courses for Management will be a first priority for the students who have been admitted to the Management program. You will be able to select after. Just give them a call to be sure that these pre reqs aren't completely restricted.

  35. Management at UTSC or UTSG? Idk about UTSC but it’s basically impossible to switch from social sciences to Commerce at UTSG.

  36. currently got waitlisted at engsci (i'm a 105 domestic), anyone got stats on how many ppl get waitlisted and if our chances are good?

  37. The Admissions Committee has now made a decision on your application. Your status will be updated within the next few days.

  38. tmrw is june 1st and i am still under review wtf uoft. i called my faculty and they’re like “i’m pretty sure you’ll get an answer in the next day or two” WDYM?! past the deadline are you serious

  39. is today the last day for receiving a decision?because I still haven’t received one and I’m losing hope. I applied CE at UTSG.

  40. My acceptance offer says that the admission deposit is due June 01, 2022, but on ACORN it says the payment is due June 08, 2022. Due to some payment complications, I won't be able to make the payment on June 01. Is the deadline June 8th or June 1st?

  41. Wait we have to pay fees? I’m a 101 applicant and have accepted my offer but I’m not aware of any deposit to be made. Can someone please clarify that?

  42. Usually any payments to acorn has a ddl to pay and ddl for it to show up on acorn, to account for the processing. I suspect that’s the case here too but to be safe I’d just call admissions/enrollment and ask.

  43. I haven’t heard back at all from UofT I wasn’t even waitlisted, just haven’t heard back, at this point I don’t even want a decision, I just want a refund of my application fee tbh

  44. I need help. I think paying the admission fee is June 1 but my account isn’t showing any sign of payment on ACORN. Can someone teach me how to pay or any 105 students know how much I have to pay?

  45. Under Status in the portal did it switch from saying "Admitted" to "Accepted" after accepting my offer on OUAC or am I dreaming?

  46. Very weird situation you are in, but from what I know if you didn't complete your required prereqs, they will revoke your acceptance. You should definitely email the admissions office.

  47. Previously, I have been kicked out of a university because of failing grades. For fall 2022, I got deferred from UTSG life science but got into UTSC life science. Would it still be possible for me to transfer to UTSG from UTSC?

  48. Need some help. I've accepted offers of admission at UBC and UofT. I want to go to UBC and I would gladly cancel my UofT acceptance, but I'm paranoid about UBC conditions for keeping grades up. How long can I hang on to both offers? Don't want to take a potential UofT student's spot. Thanks

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