Tua is Fucked

  1. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Tua might sue, the Dolphins are fucked as the NFL is about to open a can of hell on them. Lots of people are going to be suspended or fired. We got a major scandal

  2. My prayers to Tua after that hit, but bringing him back after getting a concussion on Sunday when he should be resting while you have teddy bridge who’s f#cking reliable? What a sh#show this ‘fins organization is! They are clear favorites for Lolcow of the week but f#ck this sh#t!

  3. Tua is in the best possible hands he can be in right now. Cincinnati has some of the best neurological care in the USA, if not the world. I'm a subscriber to "no news = good news", so the fact we haven't heard anything else tells me he at least hasn't deteriorated. The fact that they said when he arrived at the hospital he was conscious and mobile in all his extremities is so good to hear.

  4. I don't think anyone doubts the level of care the hospital brings, but rather anything that happens once he's cleared.

  5. He needs to retire and sue the shit out of the doc that cleared him. Or maybe try it from within the league so the NFLPA gets involved.

  6. Force the owner to sell. Fine him all profits and donate to CTE/Concussion research. Malpractice charges if malpractice is found. No postseason ban, as that would affect the players and they didn’t throw tua back in.

  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this (as a Bammer), but it’s my hope that he never plays a down of football again. Nothing is worth permanent neurological damage.

  8. He’s flying home with the Fins within the next day or so. They’re not keeping him overnight as a precaution in Cincinnati (apparently one of the best cities for neuro treatment in the country). Because almost paralyzing or outright killing a man in front of thousands of people (and millions watching at home) is less important than training for next week I guess.

  9. Yeah, Tua's never going to be the same man that he was. He just got rocked into Antonio Brown levels of traumatic brain injury.

  10. I worked in pro wrestling for over 20 years. This is the scariest injury I've ever seen, and I've seen people with compound fractures of legs in the ring. I've seen neck injuries. I've seen complete knockouts. This was simply terrifying. That man had no control of his body.

  11. All the people I saw defending the Dolphins on twitter and holding fast on the "ItS a BaCk InJuRy" thing made me sick last night. This dude was not fit to suit up and I honestly wouldn't put it past the Phins to try and trot him out to die again next week

  12. I honestly hope EVERYONE, the news media, fans, players, coaches, etc, calls out the NFL and the Dolphins and doesn't let up. This was incredibly disgusting.

  13. NFL will point fingers, Dolphins will point fingers, the MD will point fingers. Lawyers will get involved and pull some shady shit and… nothing will happen.

  14. For the love. There is an independent doctor AND a team doctor who administer the concussion test. Unless they BOTH lied about his concussion, then he passed the test. For crying out loud. Do people really think the Dolphins would intentionally endanger their franchise quarterback for the sake of one game??

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