3rd booster?

  1. I would get a 3rd dose if you are eligible. Antibody levels do fall off over time and a 3rd dose will help keep those levels high to ensure maximum protection. You can see from this chart on data from

  2. More doses means a better immune response. There's a reason most childhood vaccines are 3+ doses.

  3. Long story short. COVID vaccines were made for the original strain but the new mutations such as delta and omicron reduce the effectiveness because their unique mutations allow for them to evade the antibodies your body made from the vaccines. The booster is meant to protect you against the newer strains and especially omicron. The vaccines work well the virus is just mutating rapidly because so many people are infected.

  4. Many among those who got the third shot in my place are currently positive. Don't really know what to think about it, honestly. (All were given Moderna- the only available option in here. My dad was lucky enough to get another Pfizer shot and so far had no side effects or caught anything. He's diabetic so it would be a disaster)

  5. The reason for this is Omicron. It is more immune evasive than the previous variants have been. The vaccines still work with Omicron but there is a higher chance of getting an infection than before.

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