Is anyone else lagging in NA-East servers??? 1/18/22

  1. Gonna lose 20 rr for a game i couldnt play because of the server lag, both teams were lagging to the point it was unplayable whole game.

  2. I have been having a bit of a problem too sometimes at night my ping just spikes for no reason and sometimes it does it in the morning so I just have to wait until the afternoon to play.

  3. yeah man. came on reddit to say the same thing, im on est servers and my whole team and the opp team were lagging like CRAZY. our reyna flew across the map lol.

  4. This is currently happening to me and I’m losing my shit, there’s one person on the enemy team not lagging getting all the kills

  5. I've been having horrible lag since the new Episode came out. Countless times my cross hair is on their face at close range and it doesn't register or I turn a corner and freeze frame for 2 seconds. This is even worse when I'm spectating. Half the time I don't even see how they die.

  6. Been a thing for me since Chamber came out. Massive ping spikes every now and then. Doesn’t happen in any other game. But in Val I have the graph on to see ping and watch my ping spike from 16 to 304

  7. This is somewhat related, I typically get 20ms to california servers which are fine for me today, I usually get 30 on Oregon servers which was 55ms today. I usually get 55 on texas and was getting 75ms. And on further east coast 70-80 average normally. I noticed today it was 90+ for Virginia. definitely higher than normal

  8. I went 5-17 in this crap. Some people were seemingly unaffected and were dropping 20-30! It's kinda funny TBH but the fact that is was comp... ugh.

  9. I started lagging quite a bit last night on Virginia servers, 1-10% packet loss, I figured it was due to the snow storm and weather taking down infrastructure. Haven't tested today yet. Located in Canada

  10. I’ve been lagging since the act started which is pretty annoying so i haven’t really started ranking yet! I had one game where i couldn’t see any enemy names, i couldn’t buy half the game, couldn’t comm! Luckily i was duo queue so I’d tell my duo to tell the team to drop me. Other games I’ll be mid gun fight and my game freezes and boom! I’m spectating lol

  11. Now imagine that this shit also regularly happens in normal games but to a much lesser scale. Idk if it does but... Not enough to be noticed easily, but enough to make your shots register way worse than someone else's. If the servers can be lagging for one player while for another they don't, that kinda explains those occurences when one game you're godlike and immune to bullets but your enemies win every 50/50 versus you in another.

  12. Yeah I was averaging about 30 ping to Virginia and now I'm getting 50-80 ping. The game is pretty unplayable at this moment since this update.

  13. DUDE SAME i couldn’t even work. i usually get 19-25 ping and today i was getting 50-100 ping. i was reloading my knife and couldnt even walk !

  14. played a whole game fine, my teammates were experiencing it, i load into my second game, i have crazy lag for the first half of the game, couldnt do anything

  15. This is what sucks playing this game. Some games you're just getting running one tapped and on their screen they peeked, took the dog outside, did a load of laundry, then shot you.

  16. So it wasn't just my internet! And apparently it is the same with EU servers. I was playing on Paris 1 yesterday with some friends and for some reason I was the only one lagging. I should elaborate that sometimes my own internet acts up and I get up to 20% packet loss sometimes, but it would never be a ping kinda issue. This time it was different. I would get 0% packet loss, but my ping would spike to 4k and stay there for entire rounds at a time. It was comp too =(

  17. I had weird issues trying to get into the game of spike rush yesterday from 2-2:30 AM. I would not be able to lock in my agent even tho the lock in sound goes off +the agent line. Then, even if everyone else picks the agent the game just doesn't start and we are all stuck in agent select screen.

  18. I left the game mid way and tried to rejoin in hope that my network will get better but I got a week ban instead :)

  19. this might just be a big load of confirmation bias, but i feel like these outages always happen during a fortnite event or after a major fortnite update. i've personally learned to just avoid competitive online gaming anytime fortnite is in the news.

  20. Played 3 or 4 dms on nae servers (tried 3 different ones) always got 100% packet loss and others in the dms were complaining about it and high ping aswell

  21. My team also had this issue today, but so did the other team. We luckily won, but got off after for fear it would keep happening.

  22. I play very often on NA East (Virginia) and today I had a Sage teammate who asked me if I was also lagging. He said that he and another teammate were lagging. I didn’t seem to lag at all though but it seems some people have problems.

  23. Happened to me, but around 2:20-2:30PM EST. The game was unplayable. I played Skye when this happened, I tried to use the Wolf and Guiding Light but they kept coming back into my hand.

  24. for some reason only one server is giving good ping for me lately. i live on east coast and used to get ~50ms to central, but now every server except for virginia is ~100ms. california is even giving me better ping than texas sometimes. not sure if it's my isp or riot though

  25. yes LOL I was rubberbanding all over the place, my Brim ulted himself because his iPad lagged, I was getting phantom kills and barrier voicelines in the middle of the round and everyone in the game was complaining about it

  26. Im glad i stumbled upon this thread. Ive been experiencing network problems in my games for the past few days yet my ping and internet connections are fine for everything else. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  27. Comcast in my region has been dying for the past few days. I've been having abnormally high ping to central servers, but it seems to be resolved as of today night.

  28. Its even glitching in apac servers like mumbai, and singapore. Both our team and the opponent rebooted the game and it was working fine the whole match. The match in singapore where 3 of the opponent and 2 of our team disconnected at the same time at 7-3 and none of them reconnected.

  29. Same thing happened to Asia server ig... my whole screen has been crazy for the whole time and every time I move an inch or try to scope the game just became unresponsive for around 10 sec... Really frustrating and ruined the game

  30. Haven. Winning 11-9. Spike down in sewers. Im in a 3v1. Kill the Neon at A long. Ding the Omen in tower. I rotate back through sewers, kill the KJ watching spike. Grab spike, start hauling ass to plant B. I get caught in mid window. Rubberbanding. Every time I hop out I warp back into window. Time expires. Lost round. Next round I spawn with no gun in my hand. Looking at the ground, then at the sky, then start rubberbanding all over spawn. We lost the game 13-11. I Alt-F4, restart PC, log in and get Val Error Code 7. Restart PC again, log in, start another game. Get Haven again. Starting on Defense, everyones ping is over 100, 2 disconnects. Lost the match again.

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