I was trying to die to fade so chamber couldn't get his ace and this happened

  1. I've died trying to get my ace quite a few times. I think this one would have finally sent my PC out the window.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks she might have been not trying much so that Chamber would get his ace? I see people do that all the time for their friends.

  3. I dont understand why people give up on clutches so easily , I was in a 1v3 with a classic no armor against vandals and managed to kill 2 by camping one out and then using his vandal to kil his teammate. I didn't win but I damaged their econony and made two of them feel like absokute shit.

  4. yee i dont understand why you need to actively try to ruin someone’s ace. i wouldn’t give it to him, but if he kills me. good on him.

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