The Oculus Quest 2 Vr Chat kinda sucks, every world I go to there’s just a bunch of screaming little kids

  1. I'm sorry to dash your hopes, but roblox VR is likely the most poorly optimized VR software on the market right now. My computer can run VRChat fairly well, but on roblox, I get poor framerates with awful lag spikes on low graphics even when I manually override priority and CPU affinity to allow roblox to use the full power of my hardware. Roblox on quest likely won't happen beyond the teaser. Meaning that the squeakers will stay on VRChat for the time being.

  2. This is why I try to make every world I make quest compatible. Due to chronic pain sometimes I can only lay in bed, and my computer is in the living room. Airlink can only go so far in an apt with all-concrete walls (why) so quest mode is ideal for when I'm flaring up. It makes me think of all the adults in hospitals, or even just mediocre income people who don't have access to a computer. Even just the people who travel a lot and are in hotels all the time. I want to offer them a fun time without having to deal with children.

  3. questie here, thankyou so much - I don't have the funds nor space for a good computer so I can't get a better headset, so quest is all I have rn. people give us so much shit when it's literally just little kids pulling us all down and making the game annoying and boring /:

  4. This is where my group generally hangs, but there are somehow still children in the public instances despite the 18+ check at the door :\ which, ofc, is not going to stop anyone. Blocking the squeakers is about the best you can do. I know the world creator has been trying to help crack down on minors in that space, but she can't do much until VRChat devs set some actual age restrictions. I have been telling kids that have admitted to being under 13 (age required to play VRC) that when I report them, the audio of them admitting their age is sent to VRChat HQ and will end in a ban. It has surprisingly been working and they instantly leave the world lol 💀

  5. I keep playing on quest every now and then but now I'm a pc user, you better off finding a group and joining people from the group individually to get to know even more groups, that's basically how i did it and now i have a ton of people i love to hang around with... Just not in public servers, ew.

  6. VRChat is kinda weird in public worlds anyways. There are discord groups out there you can join and be able to find worlds with more like-minded people, or even just more mature people. Personally when I use VRChat I just make private worlds and invite my friends, usually for watching movies, playing pool, and hanging out.

  7. The Japanese community started Hip Hop events for PST times that made it Quest compatible. There's actually one tonight if you wanna come through.

  8. Sucks that it’s the most playable on either desktop mode or a VR-capable rig. I use my Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop connected to my gaming PC

  9. Yeah it is annoying when you just want to play, but there’s an obvious correlation. Kids can easily get a Quest 2 for Christmas, but most kids aren’t going to get a VR capable PC for Christmas since it’s like $1500-$2000 for one now.

  10. Play in PCVR using air-link or oculus-link and explore PC only worlds. For some reason the kids don't do this and you generally get better experiences. While it's pretty much a miracle that VRChat runs in standalone, it just aint worth it.

  11. I'm telling you, we nee some age verification in this bih!!! Also try visiting some more "boring", social-oriented worlds.

  12. The low price of the Quest is the main factor in there being so many screaming kids in VRChat. If you have a computer that can handle VRChat, I highly recommend you get a link cable and move on to PC only worlds.

  13. I wish Vrchat would’ve made another game for just quest users. Cause the amount of kids on quest aren’t even old enough to play is ridiculous. Like literally the youngest I’ve seen is a 7 year old child.

  14. Yeah, I understand. I'm new and mute, it just feels impossible to spend any worthwhile time on there.

  15. i'd say japan shrine is the best world for quest 2, avoid black cat, i'm pcvr and i enjoy going to japan shrine regularly, bunch of cool people, sometimes there's little kids but they don't scream like seagulls unlike in the black cat

  16. When I joined that last time I only met with Japanese quest users couldn’t understand their language so I kept mute but a little girl with a demon slayer chibi Nezuka skin waved to me when I looked down

  17. Hey so this might get lost in the comments, but if you wanna come hang with me and some friends in a more chill setting, I often hang out in rest and sleep and typically the top floor is a lot more quiet.

  18. Yep. That's why I play PCVR exclusively, in PCVR only worlds. But for you I'd try and go out and just explore some worlds. Find one you vibe with and maybe, just maybe, it'll have a more appropriate age demographic.

  19. then stop going to worlds that are super populated and usually have little kids, find servers for adults on discord and hangout with adults

  20. Yeah- I can’t say I’m an adult (I’m a teenager), but it annoys me as well, and I’m on Oculus. I usually just go to Monkey Hut and chill with people there when there’s someone active, but I wouldn’t call it a socializing world per se. Much more to monkey around.

  21. I mean, are all quest users bad? I've met more cool people from Quest than from PC, alot of PC users are too condescending on Quest users even though yes, some of them are little kids who shouldn't be on VRC, but some of them are just broke, I use a Quest to do my PCVR btw.

  22. Real VR users lol.. someone very close to me uses Quest and it's because he doesn't have the privilege to be able to afford a VR compatible PC. But sure, he's not a "real VR user". God, get over yourself.

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