TONIC Airdrop is here!

  1. I think this might be the nail in the coffin for me. Had over $16M staked and I get $1, what kind of a joke is this?

  2. Me too. Done with VVS and Tonic. Swapping all of both for USDC and putting it in a Single Finance USDC/CRO Pseudo Market-Nuetral Strategy position.

  3. Don't be upset guys, it's a long term play... maybe in 5 years from now you'll have $0.28 instead of the airdropped $0.36....Screw lambos!! Wen pack of gum?!?!

  4. I am not upset, done my calculations how much I should get before, so left some time ago, but had a still some farmed tonic, so I have put then in stake ($60 worth), so let them there...

  5. $1000 in VVS to get $1 in Tonic with 7.5cro withdrawal fee, utter shocking, worst airdrop ever. I won’t be wasting anymore time/money on this garbage😡

  6. What a joke 😂😂😂 i got 2.79 for investing 4k in vvs hahahahhahahah the biggest shit i ever seen in krypto. Fuck this team fuck this project. The biggest criminals in crypto right now

  7. Shit! I didn't hold long enough🤪 But that was hard trying to hold for the snapshot...i couldn't just watch a couple thousand of dollars disappear🤷‍♂️

  8. Can someone tell me where exactly we claim it? I had VVS in the crystal mines at the time they took the snapshot? Is it the VVS dapp I need to go to or the tectonic one?

  9. I was thinking that my app not working correctly, but now I understand that crypto is very tricky and dogge

  10. Got 0.56. I reclaimed and staked it, I'm not expecting anything from that. It actually cost me more money to do it than what I got airdropped. The app is a mess, so badly designed.

  11. What a joke. The only good thing I see tectonic doing good on is putting up your cro and receiving cro back, tectonic as of now isn't worth it. Keeps earning millions more but the price is dropping faster!

  12. $0.25 fee to claim $0.34 airdrop. Glad I pulled out of VVS and put that money into JUNO and the Cosmos network. So much for rewarding your early adopters...

  13. Hahahaha a shit coin giving a free shit airdrop that cost more to claim and stak, what a joke I’m out this sub, peace

  14. Hi All i dont know about airdrop but i do know i put in a G on v3s/vvs lp last week on friday and today i got $377.21 worth of this crap coin left in pool including profit at +5000 APY ????

  15. How do you confirm the airdrop transaction inside the crypto dot com defi wallet? It doesn’t automatically pop up and I can’t see to locate the link to confirm

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