sagging cheeks at 19

  1. Does it always look like that? I found that there is one section of my house where I cannot look in the mirrors because the lighting is so fucking horrible. Don’t underestimate lighting.

  2. I'm 22 and same here, also had this since I was a teen and was never overweight. Sadly it's mostly genetic, like some weird combination of having too much facial fat for your bone structure. My bone structure is not top tier amazing, but I don't think I am that recessed for it to cause so much sagging, I have seen some people who have very weak chins and flat philtrums but their skin is tight and they don't have such deep grooves. Idk I think I will wait a few more years, maybe losing baby fat will help. Otherwise a mini face lift is probably the only real solution.

  3. I also have the same issue and I'm 23, I think for me it's a combination of too much facial fat + flat cheekbones, so there's nothing that holds the fat up (idk how to word this). But also every plastic surgeon I've been to has denied me any sort of facelift on account of my age

  4. I literally have the same thing and I’m 20. The one things that I do are: wear my hair so that it frames my face on the sides, and avoid letting my face relax. I try and avoid any lighting that isn’t head on, since full frontal lighting tends to wash out the appearance of deep folds and sagging. In terms of hardmaxxing, I’m planning on getting either an early facelift or another cocktail of face tightening procedures such as buccal fat removal (controversial I know), facetite/accutite, and microcurrent tightening treatments.

  5. Also be careful with your workouts! People don’t believe me when I say heavy cardio can ruin SOME peoples faces. Some surgeons in my circle agree with me. The bouncing, the calories burned, the fat loss, etc… those ligaments don’t support the cheeks well anymore and it goes downhill. My friends who are runners have lost their cheeks! I recommend biking, walking, skiing, but NOT running if your face has a tendency to sag

  6. THIS! I'd also suggest hiking steep trails to get the same intensity of running without the effects that running can cause.

  7. Yes yes yes!!! I remember a surgeon saying this in an interview back in the day— saying running is one of the worst things you can do for your face, given all the downward gravity pull with every hard step. It seared in my mind 😖

  8. I saw this clip of Gigi Hadid with her mum at a shoot when she was a teen and couldn’t help noticing that when she was drinking a drink from a straw she was filling her cheeks up with it then swallowing. This is a common thing people do when they drink and even eat- incorrectly do so, overusing their cheek muscles. This results in fat cheeks which can sag. I know this from Orthotropics, Mike mew who talks about proper tongue posture and eating etiquette. So in a nutshell: it may be because you’re eating and drinking incorrectly, overusing your cheek muscles. Google or YouTube orthotropics correct swallowing for guidance.

  9. It’s frustrating when you need a facelift while being young. I’m around the same age and I’ve been told that no surgeon would perform a lower facelift on me DESPITE me needing one (according to my most recent surgeon consultation). Despite these comments, I’m still going to consult one particular surgeon I found that may consider me for an early facelift. Although rare, some 20 year olds would benefit from certain types of lifts.

  10. Agree with others, embrace the beauty that’s unique to you as you’re young with the look. Then as you get older, you’ll be grateful to have the facial fat to retain a youthful look. Def don’t go for buccal fat removal or anything of the sort too early. Reassess in your mid to late 20s and heading into 30s if it still bothers you or changes unfavorably.

  11. is there a reason why i shouldnt go into those surgeries? i understand your point and although it's very sweet it's hard for me to ignore/embrace it as it's been my lifelong insecurity thats always been itching at my brain, as of now my chubbiness is all in the wrong areas, only in the section towards my nose and laugh lines but my cheekbones are somehow skinnier creating the slight image of festoons, when i was 12 people thought i was 17/18 😭 idk how to ignore it and im guessing surgery is my only saviour

  12. Something I’ve found highly effective is regular gua sha use. I also eat an inflammatory diet so any puffiness is minimal, but when I do have some, gua sha is incredibly effective at getting rid of it. Check out Wildling’s IG videos

  13. hi! i try doing face massages / gua sha but whenever i do, the fat causing the drooping looks much fatter and the lines it causes look worse so i always get scared and quit the next day

  14. The least invasive way I found is professional lymphatic drainage massage (it’s like the result of hardcore guasha), get all the fluids out first and see what you’re left with without the extra swelling, if you like it you can maintain it with guasha and drinking alot of water so your face will hold less fluid. Also get a haircut that frames your face and hide the part you’re not comfortable with

  15. i tried gua sha and for some reason it makes my cheeks more puffy and the lines more deeper the next day? i dont know if it temporary or something or just a side effect

  16. ELLACOR! It's brand spankin' new so I can't speak to it personally but the before and afters are crazy. It's like microneeding except the holes are hollow so they actually remove skin. So its like a mini facelift with no scarring bc the needle hollows are so so tiny.

  17. I have the same problem, but my face is recessed I believe from looking at my side profile. Not sure if it’s because of that or if it’s entirely genetic. It doesn’t seem like Gigi is recessed so for her I guess it’s a genetic or habit thing. The only real solution for me would be jaw surgery, or a facelift I think but I’m too young atm. Maybe if you have some serious recession that causes this, you could look into something along the lines of that? I personally try to embrace and accept it as of now since I wouldn’t be able to get a facelift or jaw surgery which is rly expensive if not covered by insurance. Gigi is still really pretty after all

  18. you’re looking at yourself through your own eyes. people don’t look at you as a collection of individual features. they see you as a whole face. seriously, it’s been shown through brain imaging. don’t worry too much about one little thing.

  19. Limit salt. Face yoga. Clarins v serum. Maybe nuface. Maybe thread lift but for heavens sake don’t go through the knife! Have you seen what happens after women get a tummy tuck and then gain a few lbs back? I have bc I have! As the skin slightly extends it looks bad… not elastic not bouncy. That is the reason why surgeons that are ethical won’t do it on proper before 45 or 50

  20. you could try facial yoga to help build up the muscles to hold it up and provide more support, especially as you age. it won't be a dramatic difference but it could help some. there's a lot of vids on youtube with routines

  21. Jesus Christ. Relaxing the muscle will make that face sag harder. Don't recommend unless you really know what's going on. It stops being recommend as one ages due to this.

  22. The ladies here should look into the buccinator muscles and and swallowing properly. This could be contributing.

  23. Yep I’m in the same boat, it makes me look fatter than I am. I have a few pictures of me around the age u mentioned where I started to see a change in my face like that. As many have said I think it is just genetics other than weight. People have recommended a face lift, but a MINI face lift might do the trick for now, they just make a small incision near your ear and pull the skin taut , so it’s minimally invasive

  24. I have this exact same issue, I was literally just thinking about how Gigi Hadid also has it. I'm 33 but the sagging started when I was 24, which coincided with the end of my Invisalign treatment which moved my teeth back, however I have always had a fat face and it has definitely been my problem area throughout my life. I can't stop thinking about it, I've basically been worrying about my face 24/7 since I was a teenager and now it's sagging too. I'm told that I look young (someone said I looked 18 the other day) which I guess is because of the fat face but I feel like I look old because of the sagging. I'm going to get the Vivos dental appliance that creates new bone growth and is supposed to move both my upper and lower jaw forward. I'm hoping that that will take care of the issue.

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