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  1. Also wanted to add with the peanut butter thing, fat in general will be more filling and usually good quality of fats like tallow, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, duck fat etc can be more expensive but it's more filling and very nutrient dense so maybe if you look at your food budget and swap some high carb foods for that not because carbs are bad but because the cost compared to how filling and sometimes how nutrient dense isn't worth it if your on a tight budget.

  2. I have hand washed clothes in the past and hung them out to dry. You can get plenty laundry detergent from dollar tree for 1.25. Just focus on doing you best to be clean as much as you can during this time. You are basically trying to survive. Be clean and wear sunscreen if you can.

  3. Cover up this pimples with some foundation and call it a day. You can fix them later. Just don’t pick at them and cause permanent issues. Just look at this time in your life as a temporary place and focus on being clean as much as you can.

  4. I’ve read all the feedback, incredible. However, above all. Take this season one hour, day, week at a time. Focus on your next best move to satisfy your basic human needs (water, shelter, food, and love/family/friends.) Try to minimize your stress and practice self care. Warm tea and water before bed, ensure you’re getting enough sun, and visit the food bank!! Good luck and sending love x

  5. Food: If u don't mind the taste, canned fish(u can get the kind packed in olive oil for added healthy fats, omega 3). Helps a lot w/ iron, vitamin B12, protein. Saw peanut butter recommended & in general nuts are good as well and are shelf stable. Crackers help too with giving a bit of filler/carbs & can be eaten with nut butter or packet/canned fish. If you have little mayo packets or mayo that u don't need to refrigerate.. PLEASE use that w/ the packet fish i beg of u omg😭its so dry usually

  6. This is an odd thing but when I was helping a friend move recently he bought a pack of 4 heavy blankets from U-haul to use for packing the truck for $10 and I thought to myself, I should be buying these and distributing them to those in need because at 2.50 a pop it’s a very warm looking blanket, again kinda inconvenient to go to a packing store but just saying..

  7. Sunflower seeds are about 6 mm to 10 mm in length and feature conical shape with a smooth surface. Their black outer coat (hull) encloses single, gray-white edible-kernel inside. Each sunflower head may hold several hundreds of edible oil seeds.

  8. If you have hair dryer, dry your hair in your room before going to sleep as the air will get warmer thanks to hair dryer. Purchase a thermofor (this bag fir got water- sorry English isn't my first language) or take a plastic water and put water into it and wrap it in a towel to take it to the bed with you in night - it will keep you warmer throughout the night. When it comes to beauty, I agree with other commenters.

  9. When my diet is shit I have found a daily high dose of vitamin C great at making my skin a bit better (it improves healing so it also helps with Acne) and is much cheaper than eating "properly". Also my hands and skin beyond my face get super dry and scratchy, so I use the Nivea tin can cream which is amazing and super cheap. For hair, bar shampoos and conditioners are usually cheaper and a bit gentler on the scalp, as well as easier to transport. I find hair loss is generally linked to stress though, so if it is in any way possible take some time for targeted decompression. Magnesium helps digestion and cheap and is also a super cheap supplement. For very cold nights, make sure you are wearning socks and a hat, and you might take a look at using towels or newspaper stuffed into your clothes. I've even used a ski mask since I found it made the outside cold air less noticeable when breathing it in.

  10. Chicken hearts are very nutritious but taste great if cooked in soda water (but not really necessary, it tastes fine either way). I cook it with onions and turkish pepper paste. Chicken liver is the same price for me and once a week a good nutritional addition, also cheaper than beef liver. Chicken liver has less of that distinctive taste than beef, which is why it gets used for liver pates. Another alternative is preparing them as meat balls 1:1 with minced meat. Cabbage, lentils/legumes(!), carrots, onions, garlic are very cheap. Oats and legumes are underrated for protein and carbs. Frozen veggies are sometimes cheaper but more nutritional. I also recommend foodsharing to save foods that are not sold anymore but good enough to eat (dented packaging, same date it expires), soup kitchens (volunteering there might give you some rests too), god houses like mosques distribute food too tbh, I have a bunch of apps for tracking discounts of supermarkets

  11. Btw I get free iron supplements from the place I donate blood at. Maybe if your diet isn't too bad in the future you can get free supplements if needed? Because fixing your iron defiency will help with hair loss, dull/pale skin and energy for sure

  12. Also btw I can recommend getting into herbs and stuff. You can collect for example young nettle leaves for soup, teas or salads. There is more but I recommend a good ebook or so (on z-lib org are free ebooks to download). I think it's a nice way to add some nutritions for free and some planta are foolproof like nettles, if you feel uncertain.

  13. This makes me so sad to read, but also so happy to see how amazing this community is. We care about beauty but also about our sisters. So much heart in here, contrary to what most think on the outside. Rice, beans, and peanut butter. Eggs and sardines! I repeat sardines. Jesus I survived on those as a broke grad student and yes they stink but they are excellent for brain and beauty. Tons of calcium too! Bananas and making stocks with chicken. Go to Asian grocery stores, the chicken is often cheaper. Chicken liver. 1.5 usd for a tub, have some OJ with it. Nutritious and so good for iron and beauty. Eat carrots they will make you glow. All this shouldn’t be too expensive. For cold nights, this may be an npopular opinion, but having one small shot of a cooked wine or a port wine will warm you up before bed. And make you sleep better. If you don’t want to drink, Horlicks and milk. Vitamin e oil on your face. Literally life saver when I was on a budget. Under the radar vitamin and it goes such a long way. Reduces lines, gives a glow and leaves skin soft. Put at night. Same as Vaseline. Hope this helps

  14. For food I recommend shopping at grocery outlet stores, or Aldi if you have one nearby. Walmarts store brand has cheap basics for meals. Stock up on nut butters, rice, beans and eggs. You can also go to your local food pantry.

  15. vitamin d is the most important. eat fatty foods, especially nuts. greek yogurt+ muesli or oatmeal for breakfast before work (no need to cook, mix and leave for 15 min). floss every day. try to get at least one hot meal a day, soup is pretty cheap usually. always change to dry preferably clean clothes before sleeping. face wash with salicylic acid. massage your shoulders, neck and scalp. keep good posture.

  16. For the oil I have best results when I do it on damp skin to seal in moisture :) otherwise I tend to have itching skin with dry skin before oil application. I use almond oil, because my parents had some expired, sealed almond oil, but coconut should work too.

  17. Apply for food stamps etc if you’re able. I knew a girl working at a prestigious publication who was on food stamps. There is no shame in using them. You paid for them with your taxes.

  18. Intermittent fasting is actually great for you (I’m sure others will chime in but I’m basing my opinion off David sinclair’s research) so compound those cals into OMAD.

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