And.....theres more. Nice Petty one

  1. Sorta, the womans husband died and she got rid of alot of his stuff. Both worked for Nascar in the 90s to mid 2000s. He hauled for Jeff Gordon through Evernham times then to Mark Martin, who he said is a complete asshole, Dale Earnhardt Sr(Part time) and lastly for Toyota before they fired him. He drove the haulers and she was Jeff Gordon's publicist. I'm a Gordon fan and have alot of unique items that are rare, autographed and hard to get. Like one of Jeff's Champion Champagne bottle, things huge, or his racing gloves, his (idk what its called, under the race suit. Looks like thermal underwear). I've got his top, bottoms and even the nomex socks. He is my size. 5'8", so it all fit. To sealed boxes of flattened Mini Wheat Boxes ALL signed, Stacks of them. Like 500+ . I got lucky and bought what I could afford before she had an auction that got rid of the rest. Earnhardt Race Suit and Helmet signed and worn went for over 8,000$, She made over 70,000$ selling Nascar, Guns, knives and a lot of John Wayne expensive stuff and tools. We got last look before auction and being a family friend, she sold me stuff cheap OR just gave it to me free. Like Secret Service Challenge Coins to an actual tin of "official" SS m&ms in sealed tin. Or SS golf balls, and 40+ knives, @ $7.50 each.

  2. Yes. I would like to try and sell them, but I have to figure out what they are worth etc.. only a few I'm interested in keeping, the Sadaam Hussein one, Chevy Blazer, and the Ganja hooded t-shirt are the 3 I'm trying to keep, never know though. Everyone has a "dont wanna sell it price". I'd trade for items maybe, knives, holsters etc.

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