Hodgins Military Rank

  1. Most likely an error in the german translation. In the English version (at least on Netflix) both Violet and the nurse adresses Claudia as Lt. Colonel.

  2. That’s a finding. I think it was the Blu-Ray release I've seen. So we we have at least two different English translations. I'll try to check.

  3. In the anime, Hodgin’s rank is lieutenant colonel (ie chu-sa). If he is addressed as “lieutenant” in the English dub, then that must be an error. Someone in charge of the dub script and ignorant of military custom likely thought that “lieutenant” was an acceptable abbreviation of lieutenant colonel, which it obviously isn’t. To my memory he’s never refered to as lieutenant (sho-i or chu-i) in the Japanese.

  4. My best guesses are that lieutenant and colonel mean the same thing in Germany, or that it’s just a discrepancy in the translation

  5. You seem to be to be asking a question about the Violet Evergarden light novels, the source material for the Violet Evergarden anime. Please take a look at our

  6. I am late, however as someone that served with the Japanese I had to memorise their ranks and tradition. While legally they cannot say these words anymore, it is quite common for grunts to say it (Japan is a “self defence force” now.)

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