Oneplus 9 and Android 12 and Visible

  1. .40 update did not fix no network for Visible same issue. Not seeing a lot of complaints about 12 on Visible and Oneplus 9 are we the only ones ? I mean Visible tech support says they are not seeing it is that even possible

  2. I had to wipe my phone so I tied the .40 update. Same as you it didn't work immediately. I had to add all the APNs and the SIM switch (which was necessary) everything worked. I rewiped the phone cause I setup a bogus Google account. After erasing the data I had to resetup the APNs and do the SIM switch again. Guess I should carry the extra SIM and SIM ejector pin around in case I have any issues. So dumb.

  3. Correct. I'm on .40 and it's been fine (other than some stupid bugs). However the other day I lost the cell network. I had to do a SIM swap to get it to work.

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