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  1. Mopping the floor with the Illuminati was awesome. But mostly in the movie except for that she DIDN’T fight by way of altering reality. What’s up with that? I was surprised most of it was kind of bolt of energy based.

  2. IMO it's better when Strange echoes it later, "She was being reasonable". Like we might hear someone like Fisk say he was being reasonable after bashing a guy's head off with a car door, so we know in that case that 'reasonable' is kind of tongue-in-cheek, but in this movie when Strange repeats it I think it clarifies: no, Wanda not killing the people she thinks stand between her and her kids is genuinely Wanda being reasonable.

  3. Sending minions you can actually fight is super generous on her part, you have to admit.

  4. This feels like one of the biggest points of the movie, no? Christine kept telling Strange he has to be the one holding the knife. He said there was no other way to win than taking America’s powers and then Wong echoed that statement later and America found another way. Almost like Strange is impulsive and it costs lives as well

  5. So many cold lines in this movie, but my favorite from her was when they were in Chthon's temple and the demons bowed before her and she said. "This isn't a's a throne." Her saying that while the statue of herself behind her was such a chilling moment for me.

  6. Weird how in the first trailer, Strange said something almost identical but it wasn’t said by him in the movie

  7. Despite being the most brutal villain in the MCU since Kingpin, Wanda showed an insane amount of restraint the entire time. If she wanted to she could have broken all of reality to get America, but she held back the whole time.

  8. I liked the exchange “You made them with magic” “All mothers do” her tone of voice and the fact I saw it on mothers day just perfect

  9. I loved when she said “Then it won’t be Wanda coming for her. It will be the Scarlet Witch.” ALSO DOES ANYONE AGREE THAT SHE LOOKS LIKE HELA IN THIS SCENE

  10. When she said that I got legit chills because it really hit me that she has been being “nice” and hasn’t even put her full effort into capturing Chavez yet.

  11. Just reading through these comments, she had so many iconic lines. I can’t think of another character in any other MCU movie having this many.

  12. Honestly, I was so worried before this movie came out about the possibility of Wanda being a straight up villain. But then, god damn, lines like this and the ones other commenters are posting show they absolutely nailed it and she is now one of my favorite villains in the entire MCU.

  13. I like to think in my head that she saw something in him that made her purposefully have him flee so she wouldn’t have to kill him. Maybe he had a good heart, or reminded her of Vision/Pietro or something. :)

  14. Literally every part of the Illuminati sequence, especially the part where Professor X tries to get inside her head is the best part

  15. I feel bad for putting this here but half of the cinema laughed when Darkhold Wanda walked through the portal and Multiverse Wanda’s kids were instantly like “ah, a witch!”. Like, damn. You spend all this time trying to find your kids and this is how they greet you.

  16. Feel like this should be marked MoM spoilers considering it's a wandavision sub and spoilers would indicate spoilers for this show not new movie.

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