What happened here is unbelievable!

  1. Judging by how they were treating the TV, I wouldn't have been surprised if they tried to fold it in half and put it in the car.

  2. They also busted the screen. You can see the cracks and discoloration where they were holding it to yank. So, broke the store window and TV, and got nothing for their effort.

  3. It's the crime of the last 50 seconds. Guy comes home and thinks someone really didn't like the brand of TV he chose.

  4. Since several people commented it independently, the "Benny Hill Theme Song" is Yakety Sax, by Boots Randolph.

  5. It should be common sense to realize that if something that big is mounted to the wall, your not just going to be able to casually yank it off the wall. He came in there like he was stealing the Mona Lisa or some shit.

  6. Maybe not be on meth trying to take a mounted 70" tv off a wall through a tiny window into hatchback that is more that likely too small for the tv in the 1st place

  7. That's a "right now" plan. Dude said "your TV is so small" Dude sees a big one in the pub "Upgrading. Right! Now!"

  8. Lol for real - like, take portable things like laptops, ipads, jewelry, etc. Ripping a mounted TV off the wall? Why would anyone do this? If you really want the TV then you need to just take it off the bracket FFS

  9. This gets funnier every time you watch. Even the size of the car is funny given what it looks like they wanted to do.

  10. Last May my house was broken into by 3 guys while I was away. I have security footage of them (until one of them finds the camera and smashes it into the floor). Judging from the motion sensor logs, they spent 2 fucking hours in my house. 3am to 5am. They took their time. Here is the weird part.

  11. What they're doing could get them in a lot of trouble. That's exciting af, and that excitement likely clouds their judgement to the point where they can barely see straight, let alone see something, identify it, process its value, and estimate if taking it is worthwhile.

  12. Reminds me when i moved here, i had a moped..chained with 2 chains and standard locks. Not long after it was gone. Found in another area not to far from mine. They had literally plucked it clean but in a way that they left with broken parts, its just a baotian cheap 700 bucks moped (alot to me) the parts where probably not worth a damn but for that they ruined my first moped and accomplishment in life..it was unfixable, and insurance only covered 150 bucks..so I never got a new one..it looked like a kick bike with wires after their work ._.

  13. Yes, I was hearing this music in my head after the first 10 seconds, after realizing what these idiots were trying to do!

  14. I can't help but think that one small sledgehammer and one electric screwdriver would have turned this whole caper around. Instead all I see are stupid idiots who will likely be going to jail for breaking & entering, attempted burglary, and destruction of property.

  15. Most criminals are really bad at what they do. Most of them probably left blood behind slipping and falling all over that broken glass. The face print will also be helpful in identifying the third suspect.

  16. "Those guys parked in a handicapped spot. I don't think any of them are disabled. Look at them running and jumping around. Oh, wait... Oh... Uhh... Yeah, these guys were properly parked."

  17. alrrright listen up, numbskulls. We're stealing us a flat screen TV and you two morons better not screw this up or I'll moiderize ya.

  18. Dude they essentially just beat the shit out of themselves. Didn’t even get to steal anything

  19. The 2nd guy in the black hoodie (no hat) literally accomplished nothing. He ran into the window, fell, ran in, flailed around, and simply ran out.

  20. Lol something like this happened at my office. We have a large video wall up front (4 x 70" displays) which is probably what got their attention. Unfortunately these aren't normal displays and it's not a normal mount -- it can hold hundreds of pounds and tools are required to remove the screens. They messed with that for a couple minutes before giving up.

  21. I would be more mad that you broke everything and didn’t even steal ….you just broke my shit for no reason.

  22. Even more so since the tv may not work at their place. Most corporate tvs (in hotels at least) won’t work at home to prevent this exact thing from happening.

  23. Pretty sure that TV was toast by the time he got it off the wall then dropping it was icing on the cake. That video needs Benny hill music.

  24. The amount of times they slip on that broken glass, and then fall on their hands directly into it. I'm sure at least one of them was seriously hurt, the one guy falls hard onto his hands and arms directly into the pile, he could easily be bleeding out.

  25. I have seen this so many times and never get sick of it. They immediately break the TV and still keep going. Why are they even going after a TV? They can get maybe $200 for it if it's a decent TV since it's hot. $500 buys you a 65" LG 4k TV new. (seriously)

  26. You can tell they've never mounted a TV to the wall if they thought they'd just be able to pull on it.

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