South Bend, IN. Those are mannequins.

  1. Imagine this as your defense again home invasion. Dozens of mannequins inside and outside your house wearing random garb . You hear them coming up your gravel drive and you arm yourself and stand in a corner hat pulled low. Three men file into your house guns drawn greeted by dozens of mannequins. At first they freak out a shot fired… just a mannequin. So many they start to ignore them they head upstairs one checks the kitchen. His death is silent like your plastic brothers. The two upstairs hear a sound and come back down their friend is standing there at the doorway to the kitchen. One touches his shoulder and his body swings forward the thin wire he hangs from now visible. They start to panic did that mannequin move? More shots wasted. One goes to load a new clip the mannequin in front of him drives a Bowie knife through his eye. His partner, last man standing, yells out in surprise and lifts his weapon to fire but you are already gone. He’s blindly firing at every mannequin in the house making his way to the front door. Just as he makes it the credenza opens and pulls him in. A gurgle is the last noise he ever makes. The next day three more mannequin join the troop.

  2. I used to take a trail to an old house deep in the woods behind mine. It was mostly abandoned but someone still came by every few weeks to check on it and move the mannequins/redress them in different windows.

  3. I bet you could even put one on a record player and tie strings to the arms to make it look like they are moving around. That would keep the burglars out for sure!

  4. I grew up just outside South Bend. I once heard Indiana described as "The Middle Finger of the South" and I've been referring to it as such since.

  5. At least South Bend changes because of Notre Dame. Mishawaka is exactly the same as it always has been. Bonus though when you eat out it costs the same as it did in 1998. The cost of living is insanely cheap.

  6. We got in these god awful giant lawn flamingos at work this week - only $35 each! They are about 4 feet high. I was thinking who TF would want these? But someone will.

  7. Yeah, I don't get it either. My aunt does something similar (though with fewer mannequins) and nobody makes a big deal about it. Most people in the village enjoy her dressing up the mannequins in different clothes, especially when it's holiday times.

  8. I've driven past this before and it scared the shit out of me before I realized they weren't real. And then even more so when I looked closer and saw they're like giant stuffed people. Not even hard mannequins you'd see at a store. They looked sort of like they could be made of nylons and stuffed with something. Creepy!!! I'd love to know the backstory. I've been wanting to cruise past for another look and to take a picture but haven't been out that way since. I gotta know what the deal is!

  9. They’re homemade, the people living there are probably in their 70s or older and it’s supposed to be a scene from A Christmas Carol. Creepy and a strange hobby, nonetheless.

  10. There is a guy in North Brunswick NJ that has been doing this for years so that people would slow down coming off the highway. He has maybe 50 or so scattered all over his front lawn.

  11. Must be an Indiana thing. When I was a kid if you drove down this old dirt road in the middle of a bunch of corn fields and an old, overgrown woods, if you looked closely in the woods you would see the remnants of an old log cabin. Someone had created a Wizard of Oz scene out of old scrap metal and junk. In the woods. In the middle of nowhere.

  12. Decently dressed , well behaved and quiet. No food and drink expenses. They don't ask for money or run up your bills. No holiday drama. The perfect family!

  13. That's creepy but growing up in Astoria, NY there was a house in the neighborhood that put this place to shame. I wish I had pictures of it because it was bizarre beyond belief. Christmas lights, paper lantern analogs, and other assortments of wires and ropes were strung up from the house to the trees, to the fence, to poles staked in the ground. There were creepy carved statues, stuffed animals, large dolls, plastic Christmas decorations, and other items arranged around the front yard. The trees and the front of the house were all covered in mirrors. Some were whole, some were just broken shards. The creepiest thing though was that some of the dolls were suspended from the trees, the balcony awning, and the various ropes and wires. Not hung as if they were executed but strung up, from around the waist or under the armpits. There were also some doll heads here and there but I'm pretty sure those were just broken dolls that were never cleaned up.

  14. Do people still get tv on those big ass satellites? I remember we'd have to change galaxys for specific channels and have to wait for the dish to turn before it's tune in.

  15. Wonder how far away i live from this (south bend is my hometown) will update with photo there tomorrow if its a reasonable commute

  16. I grew up less than 10 miles from there. Methamphetamines and jesus are what fuel people around there. I considered the area the "Armpit of America"

  17. Man, this turned out better than I initially thought. The way the 3 grouped by the window were setting, I thought the WTF was gonna be something fucked up in the tree. I’m always happy for good, clean, regular weird…

  18. As someone who lives in a neighboring state, rural Indiana is fucked. I always hate driving through there.

  19. There's a house in my city with manekins on their yard. I discovered it when i was tripping af and walking by. It wasn't pleasant lol

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