Balenciagas new $1,850 "distressed" shoes

  1. To see how well their marketing has worked? I've seen these shoes pop up a bunch of times within a couple days. Y'all are advertising them every time you say they're ugly.

  2. Yeah....if you post these images and do free marketing for balenciaga, engage in the comments section (hey, that's me), and inflate their marketing analytics during this product rollout (which heavily leverages outrage and memetics), chances are very likely that the joke is on us, the philistines who participate in the discussion.

  3. Reminds me of a brief stint in art school. A friend walked around with his color palette he used for an oil painting. He would walk around from student to student asking them to look at his "work" passing it off as a piece. They all gave it rave reviews. Including the teacher . People aren't always smart.

  4. It’s a marketing ploy, and it’s working. These images are of special edition “extra distressed” versions where only like 100 were made. The ones available at stores like Nordstrom are much less distressed and arguably pretty cute.

  5. Yeah, are people dumb enough to share this Balenciaga outrage piece to keep their brand relevant and in the news between seasonal fashion lines? That's what this is, don't you morons see that this happens every year? The high fashion brands put out something fucking stupid, put an insane price tag on it, then watch as the stupids share article after article about it.

  6. Thank you, my first thought also. A few years after Zoolander I saw the first Derelicte-style fashion show and thought "you've gotta be kidding me, they actually did an honest-to-goodness Derelicte." Just... no.

  7. it isn't. it's an ad campaign. the actual shoes are lightly torn in some areas and there are lightly colored brown splotches on the white at the bottom of the shoes... other than that they're just high-top sneaker

  8. If you don't know it by now, let me tell you... BALENCIAGA IS A TROLL. A lot of expensive "high fashion" is generally ridiculous, but Balenciaga takes it to another level.

  9. Do you know the gif of the Impractical Jokers laughing like crazy after they tell Sal to dot something? That’s how I imagine companies like Balenciaga are when they release this shit to the public

  10. Wait till they go in the bargain bin. Here’s a thought: If I bought them brand new and sent them to a Salvos or Vinnies (thrift shop) they would be binned as rubbish immediately!

  11. The guy in my alley who screams "FUCK" at the top of his lungs a hundred times a day has the pair on the top right.

  12. I’m genuinely wondering if they’ve actually made these or not. Like this has to be some weird form of marketing because you can’t even wear the first ones? They wouldn’t stay in your feet

  13. They're real, however the ones in the picture are a special edition "fully destroyed" version of the shoe which they only made 100 pairs of. So yea, it probably is a marketing stunt to some extent. The regular "distressed" shoes still look like an old dirty shoe but not quite this bad:

  14. A pair will sell but people are always too dense to see this is marketing. If they sell them cool, if not they just got millions of hits on their website. I never even knew this company before this.

  15. They don’t have to work. Can hang out all day. Go where ever they want. Wear the latest trends, or setting them. Get handouts. Lucky fucks.

  16. Demna Gvaslia has always made capitalism and politics part of his art, especially since taking over as CD at Balenciaga. It's clearly eliciting the response that was intended... same as when he riffed the Bernie logo in 2016.


  18. Stuff like this truly shows how out of touch and straight up ignorant the wealthy class is. Only some rich fucktard would pay that much to cosplay poor people. How fucking out of touch with reality do you have to be to buy these?!

  19. Once when I visited Vancouver I went into some local “high end” street wear type of store. They had a wall of shoes for sale and I remember one was a pair of Vans that looked similar to these that had a price tag of $5k.

  20. I don't care if you are black or white. If you are gay or straight, man or woman, poor or richest person in the world. If you buy this shoes YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT.

  21. I'm bout to go swap a new pair of shoes with a homeless person and throw in a meal for them. Then rip the backs out of my newly acquired shoes, pay an 8 yr old $20 to spray paint "Balenciaga" on the sides and list them as "Ultra distressed, one of a kind addition" for $4500. Win win for everyone.

  22. I never even knew what Balenciaga was until American Horror Story: Coven. There's a scene where a character mentions it, and it bugged me that I had no idea what she said, so I ended up looking it up.

  23. Legit looks like Chucks with the logos and labels destroyed or cut off, slushed around in mud and rubbish for a week and resold to people with way too much money and no sense

  24. So i was trying to convince me gf that the name brand jacket she got looked like it was made from a potato sack. She said I didn’t understand fashion. Pretty sure the industry is having a competition to see how much stupid stuff they can get buyers to wear

  25. I had a friend get denied entry into a strip club in Las Vegas because he was wearing a black hoodie and there was a dress code. He spent 20 minutes arguing that it was a 1000$ balenciaga hoodie and it was high class

  26. Holy shit this reminds me of a time when I was 15. I was drinking and lived in a city. I blacked out and lost like 12 hours and came too with a rusty shopping cart full of shoes like this in the north end of said city. Still have no recollection of how or where i was or ce across this shopping cart full of shoes. I was so far from.home and had a big slash on my belly. I don't know what happened or why i hadn't been picked up by police being g so young and in such a state.

  27. They look like they have been taken off a dead guy who was dragged behind a car and dumped in a barrel in Lake Mead near Las Vegas.

  28. rich people would buy anything, i could literally cum inside of a jar and put lewie vitton on it and it'll be sold out in 3 minutes

  29. I work in a place where tons of millionaires and billionaires come .., and since what … around 2020 I came to “hate” balenciaga cos everyone was wearing it!! With that big obnoxious name in huge letters in all clothing!!! Same as with freaking Cartier jewelry … all these kids with it .. some 18 years olds girls with like 10 bracialets or rings just so to say “look my daddy can afford me 60,000$ worth of jewelry on my wrist”!! Plus the balenciaga shoes!! … it’s sad. You know what’s sad?? These idiots (who don’t deserve the wealth they were born into!!! None of them became rich, usually not even their daddies.. but the grandparents are filthy rich … just to let you understand the situation..) can and do travel all around the world, have infinte money and what they do?? They all dress the same and wear same brands like Communist China!! Only more glamour (kind of!)…. All that wealth and possibilities and they are all dressed the same with same jewelry!!! Cos they do it as a sign of show off how much I can spend, instead of “I buy this cos I like it”…… so that made me realize how stupid human race is, and how easy to be manipulated. Also - no offense to sheeps- but we are more Sheep than any sheep !! So … sad state of affairs!! I see maybe 3-4 people of my customers to be dressed originally (maybe with hand made cashmere sweaters more expensive than balenciaga but no brand in sight!!) with great hand made shoes and jewelry to die for! With crystals and such .. hand made by artisans!! Those people I respect cos they have got personality and taste and are original and at least they spend their money with artisans etc … the rest; pathetic.

  30. Balenciaga’s always been the worst designer brand. You guys remember that dumbass sock sneaker? I feel like the entire brand has to be a joke to see what idiot is going to throw their money at it.

  31. If I saw these hanging from a telephone wire or on the bank of a river I wouldn’t even think twice that that’s where they belong.

  32. I have a pair of vans like this, only took maybe 8 years. this sounds like a deal to me if you consider the time and world experience you would need to get them like this.

  33. Everyone here is discussing a high fashion brand that will never see their money. Anyone who may have a passing interest in these shoes and sees this post may have their opinion swayed by the countless people shitting on the shoes. How exactly is this scenario a positive for this brand?

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