This is a highway bridge in Pennsylvania.

  1. My home area in KY had two bridges in the early 00s that I read at the time were rated some of the lowest in the US (like a score of 2 out of 100 or something).

  2. One fell just outside Pittsburgh about 6 months ago. Inspectors say they can not find anything structurally wrong and will look again next year to see how much worse its gotten and if the concrete chunks got bigger. The over-under with Penndot is three deaths before it may get fixed.

  3. That's not actually the case. What happens is they fix it. Then they leave all their stuff there. Because in two or 4 weeks it will collapse again. The state will then rehire them to fix it. Their stuff is already there. That's why it seems like it's always under construction.

  4. So, what’s UP with that??? I drive across PA to visit my parents in CT frequently and it kind of seems like the highway is permanently under construction but frequently there’s no actual construction going on. I’m looking at you, highways around Scranton!

  5. Seriously. Been to every state on both coasts. Philly can't even be bothered to paint fucking lane makings. It's like driving in India all of a sudden.

  6. I commented on the roads to a local after I moved to PA a few years back. Her response was something about all the winter salting. I wanted to ask her about all of the other snowy states that seem to evade these supposed salt-related effects but I just left it alone chalking it up to having not visited other states.

  7. I remember driving out of Texas into Lousiana and thought I suddenly got a flat, the roads were noticeably worse.

  8. PA is one of the few states I've been to and saw a "PAVEMENT ENDS" sign. The 55mph two-lane highway abruptly goes from asphalt to gravel for twenty miles.

  9. I just moved to Pennsylvania from New Jersey a couple of years ago so I travel back and forth at least once a week. It's almost as if the second you cross into Pennsylvania you are in a constant pothole, I never realized how much better the roads are in New Jersey than Pennsylvania until I moved here. Just for the record I absolutely hate it here and I miss my weekend morning bagels

  10. I’m happy to see this is blowing up, maybe something can actually happen for once. You can actually see how bad it is from the map:

  11. Jeez. I thought this was the PA sub... I was like, "of course where else would this be? Why post this, we know what the roads look like here?"

  12. Call your representatives and complain about Penndot not being funded. Dot can't repair state roads without proper funding (they don't maintain city or county roads btw). While you're at it, also tell them to stop diverting Penndot's funding to law enforcement.

  13. Nothing like driving on a highway that screams the whole time. Only experienced that when driving through Pennsylvania.

  14. Was going to a wedding in Cleveland and drove through PA on I-79. Through some roadwork, they ground down the road before a bridge and didn't put anything to "ramp" back up to road height. *Cue us hitting the bridge at 75 and bubbling all 4 tires, because it was basically us hitting a curb. No bump sign, no cones, no flashing lights. Just a sheer 4" surface height difference and no warning.

  15. You want “cue” not “queue” there. But yep that sounds like standard Penndot work. Every state rags on their DOT but PA residents have a special scorn for our crew of utter chuckleheads.

  16. Deep dive this rabbit hole in the current economic system and you'll realize that this type of stuff actually increases GDP.

  17. Yup. I was surprised to find that they had actually put up a sign to warn motorcyclists that they had graded the roads down.

  18. Not a good one. There's a bridge here in NE PA that has a literal pothole. And under that pothole is very weak bridge with rust. It's going to give any time now. But it's the only bridge without going really far out of the way. They don't care about these things. They don't fix them. They just drop stuff on top and think it's all better. This is Pennsylvania. You really would be terrified to see underneath.

  19. Just finding out about our roads and PennDOT? We pay an extra 50 cents per gallon of gas for our roads to look like this.

  20. Well, reading through this thread I have rapid-fire learned about a whole grab bag of other unique to PA issues, but this one at least is nation-wide.

  21. This road will be driven on in this condition and worse for as long as possible. Then they will set up a construction zone to “resurface” it and that will take anywhere from 1-2 decades to complete.

  22. I’m from Massachusetts and drove in Germany for the first time about a month ago. I was absolutely amazed how pristine all the roads were

  23. That's just PA roads in general. Where I live I feel like I need an alignment every month.... And the kicker is there's a penndot office a half mile from my house.

  24. Looks like the Amish were sick of the potholes and filled it themselves, then again I’m definitely wrong considering their craftsmanship is above and beyond anything penndot could handle

  25. I'll be honest.. the way our state runs it's department of transportation reminds me of how the Soviet union ran it's government. Penndot is riddled with "employees" that absolutely abuse government funds. It's a joke around where I live. A local bridge was replaced for $2 million dollars.. 4 years later, the same crew was hired again to replace the same bridge by mistake.. they knew this.. and did it anyways and they all laughed and said "job security".. I overheard this story while out to eat at lunch at a hot dog shop where there were 4 of em talking. It doesn't surprise me at all.

  26. 2 trillion would be great but not all or even a small portion of that two trillion went to physical infrastructure like roads and bridges. politics aside I think large spending packages stuffed with spending should be split apart so people can 1 easily see where their tax money goes and 2 give more power to democracy to vote on how money would be better spent rather than the all or nothing approach

  27. I've never seen roads as bad as in the French Quarter. Have they done any road repairs there in the past 50 years?

  28. Have lived in both. Ran over a rabbit and almost hit a deer in PA, but was virtually traumatized trying to drive a moving vehicle a mile and a half in Uptown. In general there's no comparison, New Orleans is way worse, although you'll find plenty of examples of egregious roads in PA as well (as in the OP)

  29. I was visiting family in NJ and PA last week. All of the roads I was on around LBI were great. Drove over the Walt Whitman onto 95 in PA and thought I was in Kiev, that’s how bombed out it was.

  30. Yeah the roads in NJ are mostly fine, at least here in the southern part, im not too sure about the other areas. PA on the other hand… yikes.

  31. Pittsburgh, yup. That bridge was just inspected if I remember. They just inspected my local bridge the one with a pothole that goes to the river below. It passed inspection in case you were wondering.

  32. To add for the uninformed, Panther Hollow Bridge is probably less than a mile from the Fern Hollow Bridge that collapsed earlier this year

  33. It really hits home hardest if you cross into jersey from PA. It's such a stark, immediate contrast as you drive from something a bit better than the picture above (but not much) into nice, new, fresh highway. The road noise ceases. Vibration stops. A sense of calm seeps in that lasts until you encounter a jersey driver. It's an experience, to be sure.

  34. Oh no no no, Pennsylvania's roads have always been like this. I wish we had started at first world roads, but we have been the pothole state since good ol' 76.

  35. These are state roads. In my state, they’re not this bad, but they’re very bad. As soon as you get on a federal highway, buttery smooth.

  36. This opinion is laughably incorrect. 3rd world countries wish they could be as good as the worst part of Chicago or Detroit.

  37. To make matters worse, it spread out too much, so the the budget to maintain infrastructure is spread out too thin. It has to re-urbanize, a lot

  38. Colorado has been redoing a majority of their main roads/bridges/highways. I think it’s cuz of the weed tax money

  39. As someone that occasionally works on roads - I'm not even quite sure how they made it that bad. Looks like there has been a lot going on in that picture?

  40. What a lot of people don’t understand is the sheer amount of bridges there are in PA. That mere are so many you don’t even realize that you’re actually on one unless it’s a major bridge. Fixing/maintaining them is expensive and with the many million + square foot warehouses they are slapping up these bridges see tons of truck traffic way more then most roads considering PA is the gateway to the North East.

  41. It's so you don't fall asleep while crossing, like the rumble strips we have on the shoulder here in California

  42. We have these rumble strips around the mountain that when you do the actual speed limit it makes the jaws theme. I don't think they intended that, but I giggle every time.

  43. Every time I want to complain about the highways in some parts of California... I shut my mouth because of pictures like these. We do ok.

  44. Sure, I'll grant you she may not be fancy and clean like so many of your high-toned, big city freeways, what with their uniform road surfaces and understandable lane markings, but this one here is a fine road, honest and true, and I reckon she has something they ain't, which is real character. She don't put on no airs, nor do she promise to do more'n that for which she were built. She has a hard, flat surface, wide enough for two stagecoaches to pass by one another without becoming all a-tangled, which makes her beyond adequate for your purposes, I'd hasten to wager!

  45. I honestly cannot recall as to where I read it, but living in PA there was an interesting article as to WHY our roads break down so rapidly. And it made the point of how just extreme Pennsylvania's weather is in the sense it really has all 4 seasons and then some.

  46. We literally just voted against an infrastructure bill in Pa. Dude, we don’t need roads. We never leave our hometown. Philly is all like “oh, dead 8 year olds, oh, we should help 8 year olds not get butchered”, like a bunch of socialists. The rest of us in PennsylTucky? We know that Obummers a traitor, wake up sheeple

  47. This is why we need that infrastructure bill further highways and interstate across the country it'll create jobs and and at the very least keep people from driving over bridges that will collapse at some point

  48. This really just doesn't even make logistical sense, they are spending more no doubt patching rather than just closing a lane.

  49. If you think the surface pavement is holding up the bridge, you probably should not be allowed to drive a car. You probably shouldn’t be allowed to do anything important to anyone anywhere. Because you are stupid.

  50. There's used to be bridge that goes over train tracks at the Chrysler plant in Detroit that had a literal hole the size of a sewer lid all the way through it. It would get covered up by snow and destroy unbelieving unsuspecting vehicles that dared to cross.

  51. Don't you worry. Penndot will block off one of those lanes for years. Then you can complain about the the state of the road and the traffic.

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