Going through the Imagineering in a Box course on Khan Academy and been thinking of ride ideas. If you could design a ride or attraction in any Disney Park which one or multiple ones would you make?

  1. I’ve always thought that a Coco ride would be fun in the Mexico Pavilion. I was thinking a ride on Pepita through the Land of the Dead would be amazing. It could be similar to the design of the Avengers attraction going to Disney’s California Adventure where everyone’s seat goes to a different viewing area instead of staying in one spot like Soarin.

  2. I’ve long thought there should be a Monsters Inc coaster/dark attraction based on the doors and how they are sorted!! It would be thrilling.

  3. I bet that'd be a lot of fun. I can imagine it being zippy then slow a bit and maybe rotate as you get sorted and zoom off again or something. Hehe

  4. I would die over a Fantasia ride. I know they have a carousel based around the Pegasus in Hong Kong Disney, but like more of a dark ride. Like Winnie the Poo or Mr. Toad's wild adventure. Taking out the outdated stuff of course.

  5. I didn't know they had a Pegasus ride! They were so cute! Hehe. My sister and I loved the hippo and crocodile scene as well. That'd be nifty.

  6. Also, would love more classic animated movies added into the parks as well as the merchandise. Like a 'throwback line'. A lot of people grew up on Disney 'classics' have kids or are kids at heart still. Maybe have a "Wiizard's Duel' with Merlin and Mad Madam Mim with The entrance including Merlin's interesting looking janky tower.

  7. I rode that by myself and the people I got grouped up with... omgoodness. Only me and one other single rider chick were participating. The other four were two couples that just videoed the whole time and didn't so much as press a button and they were in front. It would have been nice to have other riders that contributed, but I like the idea of more interactive ones. Any ideas for ones you'd like to see?

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