1. game is designed to not be fun, only thing you can do is drop to a lower BR to try to avoid the uptiers or move to a higher BR to try to exploit them

  2. great... so to avoid uptiers i need higher tiers. but to get higher tiers i need to do well in low tiers while being uptiered.

  3. Unfortunately that's the way it is for some BRs. Basically, anything that is close to a really popular vehicle will get sucked into that vehicles BR. For example German tanks: Because there are so many Tigers and Panthers at 5.3/5.7, if I go with 4.7 UK I always end up facing those tanks. So either accept that that's the way it is for some BRs and git gud or play a slightly lower BR

  4. I agree with you on that. There are favoured BRs that cause uptiers but still I guess it’s on purpose … for example 8.7 air RB this is one of the largest most common played BR no one can tell me that there are not enough players searching for games that Gajin forces you to play against Harrier, Yaks and MiGs. That’s just stupid and on purpose

  5. BR magnets at 5.3 German, 5.0 US. I usually run t34-57 to grind germans and Americans for silver lions. The 57mm is a fantastic gun

  6. Actually the uptiers getting out of hand … I have started playing war thunder in 2013 … Back in the day uptiers weren’t that common … I would say 6/10 games at the actual BR … 3/10 uptier and one downtier game …. Sometimes I have the feeling it’s some kind of a brain dead mechanic to balance the bad players … when I get killed I see the players terrible statistics 0,5kdr etc and the guy sitting in a +1 plane.

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