The girl: "Um, no..."

  1. You guys can report this for political brigading all you want. Though Reddit generally leans liberal (as do I), it doesn't mean you can't call out Biden for being a creep.

  2. Dude right? I literally just had an argument with someone on Reddit who said that people who work with the public should be okay with being touched (we were commenting on a video of a guy touching a security guard’s back. Like sneaking up behind him at a sports game and patting him). They were arguing that you should be able to touch anyone you want without it being automatically labeled as inappropriate.

  3. That generation is all like that. Very handsy like it's their right to touch women unsolicited. It definitely isn't just him and Trump.

  4. I learned a new word in 2020. Gerontocracy. Governance by old people. Can't imagine why that was relevant then.

  5. They have a minimum age you can be to run for president, they should have a maximum age too. No one over the retirement age, please.

  6. I (44M) lean conservative/libertarian and would have voted for Andrew Yang in a heartbeat. Not because I agree with all of his ideas, but because he wanted to try different things and not be the status quo old fart. I also would have voted Tulsi Gabbard, but that’s probably not as surprising as I think most people see her as a conservative who ran as a Dem. But in any case, we need young blood who hasn’t been corrupted and is willing to try new things!

  7. seriously. cap politician age at 60. after that go sit your ass in a nursing home or get another job or whatever Idc. but you're done running the country with your outdated views as soon as you hit that birthday.

  8. My grandparents do this too, they'll just squeeze kids cheeks even when the "kid" is like 30. Although it people they know not strangers

  9. Well, I tried voting for Sanders, but “thankfully” the Democratic Party made the choice for me. It’s almost like we are being forced to choose between a fucking creepy moron or Trump.

  10. Im not sure I trust folks that DONT immediately recoil when someone touches their face. Its fucking weird and disrespectful to just put hands on someone like that

  11. Then go to the primaries, 1200 people ran last election. 1200, but the media o ly covered 3 the entire time. Get involved in more than just a voting capacity and educate yourself.

  12. Yep, media does a lot of covering for his behavior. He's a creepy old man when it comes down to the truth and how many videos/pics I see of him touching a woman/child uncomfortably.

  13. It's not just that. It's that he can't pick up on social cues that would normally register a lightbulb in people's heads "oh maybe I shouldn't do that to people cause it clearly makes them uncomfortable."

  14. It isn't a lack of self-awareness. When a person has been in power as long as he has, and are never held accountable for their actions no matter how filthy they are, they begin to believe that there are no consequences for their actions.

  15. What so many folks on Reddit refuse to understand is that Trump being a piece of shit doesn't justify Biden being a creepy pedophile acting fucktard. It's not mutually exclusive. Both can be creepy sexual predators without trying to argue which one is worse than the other.

  16. People can’t fathom that someone can hate both sides. I’m on the losing team every election… it’s pretty… fun.

  17. Because a lot of people don't like to hear their side doing something wrong so they project it to the other side to try and "distract"

  18. Both can be creepy absolutely, but to reduce this to, "as both are creepy then they are equal" is insanity. Both have videos of them touching women and girls in public in creepy odd ways.

  19. I mean yeah. The political system here is so fucked that not only did voters only have a choice between a creepy old man with milquetoast useless neoliberal policies and an actively narcissistic purveyor of sexual assault who attempted a coup, fired people investigating him, and used the position to enrich himself and his friends, but that there are a lot of people who chose the latter and more who don’t see a difference.

  20. If you hate Trump and everything he stands for, but refuse to call out Biden for the weird, creepy stuff he’s done and his failures in office to follow through on promises made during campaign and you downvote and report any attempts to be critical of him, you’re no different than the crazy Trumpers. You’re part of the problem.

  21. Trump was an arrogant ass, but I liked most his political policies. Biden is a creepy old sexual predator and I dislike most of his political policies.

  22. Let’s be real the two party system is the real problem. We had two elections of shit candidates that I believe a 5th grader would be a better president then these old fucks.

  23. I’m amazed how many people have used the “from a different time” excuse, as if that somehow justifies his current actions.

  24. No doubt! Don't touch people without consent is a nice clean rule. Let's not pretend the two places you mentioned grabbing someone are equal though.

  25. I’m an older guy 56. I do not attempt to touch anyone ever. A handshake (fist bump now) is the most I do. And I do not like it one bit when others try to touch me. In fact I cringe and move away. Keep your Hands to yourself fool.

  26. I know you are being sarcastic, but anyway, according to 538, Biden is the second most disliked president since Eisenhower....after Trump. Also, the current trajectory of Biden's polling suggests he could become the most unpopular.

  27. Can't say I was a fan of Obama, but at least that was just normal politics with normal people. Not a battle of who's the least creepy and incompetent 😓

  28. Such an incoherent creep, i feel like I should start voting but I’m always reminded of that South Park bit about voting and your choices are a giant douche and a turd sandwich

  29. I’m not from the US and have a question regarding voting for u guys: I know you have a two party system, but when it comes time to vote, can you only vote on two presidential candidates? Is there no one else on the list? No independent parties, independent candidates?

  30. You should actually watch the episode, it's explicitly stated that the point of it is that having to choose between a douche and a turd sandwich is not a valid reason not to vote because your choices are always going to be like that because that's the nature of politics.

  31. God, he's such a weirdo. Those video compilations of him touching up every damn little girl in those photo shoots is just SO cringe...

  32. Why are people in the comments having such a hard time with the fact that both recent presidents are creeps? Biden being a creep does not cancel out Trump being a creep and vice versa

  33. note that in the comments, the redditors are so stubborn that they dont even address biden directly they just say "vote old men out!" and "these old people are weirdos" these people still cant admit upright that biden is a creep, single him out, at least for this post. stop generalizing about a post specifically about biden

  34. What the hell man, regardless of who you are, why do you think you can just go touching people, weird motherfuckers man.

  35. Most of your comment history is nasty comments about women on subreddits do nothing but objective them physically. And your comments are about your fantasies of having sex with them.

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