Puffco Plus: Still working fantastic after 8 days. Heavy use. Cleaning every other day. Using ISO wipe and dab tool. Carefully swirl in chamber. Charging once, twice at most a day. Works great. I don't understand all the trouble other people have with these?

  1. Not a hater of puffco, but 8 days isn’t long enough to prove anything lol I feel like battery issues, etc would take longer to show up

  2. Ditto. I dont know pufco and I dont dry herb vape anymore but after 8 days everything would still be looking clean. Change that to 8 months lol

  3. I’ve had it for 1 year already and so far I’m only on my second atomizer it really is a solid pen for what it does, I don’t think i would go with another pen when it comes to vaping rosin or wax.

  4. Damn...how did you manage to get the chamber to look like that in 8 days? I've had mine for months and it still looks almost new.

  5. Right? And look at that chazzed ass chamber. Does it do that to all your dabs? I mean 8 days?? I’ve been using my AVS for a few years now and my divine tribe v4 and v3 for even longer. Neither of those devices burn wax like that. Does this thing even have any sort of temp control? Or does it just go straight to burnt mode?

  6. Certainly not ignorant. Posted this after 8 days because an amazing amount of people I crucified there's after only one day of use online. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of this.

  7. Lmao dude your $90 pen should last more than 8 days. Ngl I bought one of these maybe 2 years ago and within 3 months bought a crossing tech sai for half the price and it was better in literally every single way. The atomizer is gonna get really gross after a month or 2 and then you are gonna have to buy another one for $25. The crossing tech atomizers cost around $5 for comparison. I made the decision when I got to that point to just shell out $50 for a far better product, but you can do whatever man. It probably will not break on you anytime soon but it does not compare to the saionara. I actually lost both pens eventually but I used my sai for way longer and liked it A LOT more. Would highly recommend.

  8. Hey man if you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters. But it’s not like everyone is making up their dislike for this device.

  9. Op put a lot in and didn’t clean enough… that’ll Chaz it up pretty quickly the good news is just needs a good cleaning and he will be ripping!!! I’ve had my plus for 4 years now and it’s just as good as the day I bought it…. Pluses just need religious cleaning especially on that bottom plate.. because carbon buildup is the reason the attys lose power pretty quickly, but if you keep that bottom plate as clean as possible then that atty will last years. I’ve only replaced 1 since I had it and it was my fault as I broke a piece when trying to deep clean with that video that’s out there… but then I found you never have to do that or even soak in iso… just clean immediately after session with a toothpick and a little piece of paper towel, and then a deep clean every month with said toothpick and an iso prep pad

  10. It's burning it too much. Look how nasty that chamber looks. All that crap getting heated up that you're inhaling isn't good for your lungs dude

  11. Wow that’s dirty. I suggest cleaning it deep once and then cleaning after EACH use. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it looks close to the day I bought it.

  12. So I have obviously burned my chamber. It's nice to get all the bulshit comments out of the way and a couple of real pieces of advice weeded out. In the mix. So I guess the question is how do I know when to stop vaping? Am I vaping my concentrate too long? When do I know to refill? Does someone have pictures? I'm buying another chamber to start over fresh and I want to start off correctly. Please don't treat me like an idiot for asking a sincere question.

  13. hey sorry for the blunt replies of others,,,, the problem with a majority of pens is you can not rebuild them or take them apart to give them a proper cleaning,,

  14. I've only had to use the high setting maybe 3 times out of all the different types of dabs I've smoked. I can get away with using low setting most times, medium other times. Make sure you're not over packing it either. You don't want those holes to clog up because once it does, cleaning it won't matter much. Take a decent size amount and make sure it's on the bottom and not near the holes. Some wax works better than others. Crumble is easy because you can scoop it in and pack it down with your dab tool. Make sure youre not ripping it crazy hard. You should also never ever lay these on their sides or hit then at an angle. They need to be upright at all times when hot. Also don't let the chamber get super hot. Make sure you wait to take your hits until it's cool, otherwise you're going to have a leaking chamber and a messy battery. I've had mine for about 2 years and I love it. I bring it with me everywhere. Another tip I have is before you go to bed, clean it so when you wake up you don't gotta worry about cleaning. Oh and the mouth piece can get wax residue inside, so make sure you clean that out too. Don't feel stupid. These things are very delicate and it took me a bit to get used too this. A lot of mistakes people have with any atomizer is laying them on their sides when hot.

  15. I’ve bought 2 puffco plus pens, and at this point they are overpriced and underperforming. The first one I bought had a battery that didn’t heat up hot enough, and would flood and ruin the atomizer with anything more than a .15

  16. Yeah wait a few months ... Literally the bottom of the crucible fell out after a month or two of frequent use. But then again I know someone whose been using theirs for over a year and a half and is still happy with it. It has basically no quality control so the chances of getting a crapster are relatively high

  17. I’ve had mine for a few months. They have their quirks and are high maintenance but I’m still happy with it. Keep it much cleaner than that though. Clean after every use, don’t use sesh mode more than 4 times in a row, order a chamber and a pack of darts now.

  18. I mean these things will work, but so will a $20 Yocan. They hit about the same too in my experience. If you just need something that’ll heat wax and produce vapor, they’ll do. But they’re bitching to maintain, Yocan you pay 5 bucks get a new coil, with the plus, you just need to clean every single hit with iso q tip. Then get a new atty$25 once it dies.

  19. I lost my puffco but tbh the yocan evolve is way cheaper and hits way better and the replacement coils are like 6$ each so you don’t even have to really bother cleaning them too much

  20. I've had mine for a year Vision plus and my atomizer looks nothing like yours. You burning to hot with little to no product. Your plus won't last long. Its too dirty.

  21. Should be swabbed after every use if you want to keep it efficient. The bottom of my chamber is still white, with 2 small brown spots where the coil is imbedded. All that buildup is just putting distance between your wax and the heat. No wonder why soo many people have problems with certain devices, 75% of the time it's user error. People shit all over the puffco plus, but I love mine. It doesn't blast huge clouds, which is what I actually want at certain times.

  22. 2 years! That's what I'm shooting for. I'd rather spend my money on a new dab rig and keep this vaporizer for convenience.

  23. Ithe fact that the atomizer looks like that only after 8 days is scary. Mine has never looked like that and I’ve used it for 2 years and still hate it

  24. Thank you so much for the awesome advice. I'm actually on my way out the door to pick up another chamber, I'm going to keep this one cleaner. I just used ISO and Q-tips to clean out my original chamber and I got a pretty good. But I think I know where I went wrong and Torched it a bit too hot from the get-go. Or didn't put enough in to begin with. But I understand what you're saying about keeping it away from the air holes. How do I know when to stop actually vaping? Should I stop when there still a little bit of concentrate left in the chamber and then clean it out and begin again with a new pile of concentrate? Or hit it until it's completely gone? But I think that's where I went wrong in the beginning. Thanks again.

  25. Yeah, I apparently torched it from the get-go. I'm heading out to get a new chamber and start clean and fresh. Taking much better care of this one.

  26. Wait til it all creeps into those little holes and then it's just fucking full even though qtip after every bowl and looks new but it's all inside those little air hole.s.

  27. Because most folks blow the pen up because they see some stupid video that someone is throwing thick globs in there and that is the exact opposite thing you should do with this device… pluses are like little hash pipes a little goes a long way in a plus half a couscous grain is all you put into the chamber at any time… now some folks don’t hit on highest setting and that’s where I differ… I only use the highest setting but I use very short bursts for each hit so turn on in sesh mode white setting then run a 2 to 3 sec burst but keep inhaling after you flip it off cause the heater plate is still working… I get around 4 to 5 hits then immediately wipe out with a toothpick and a small paper towel wad… or a qtip either one… just never use metal tool to clean the chamber as you will damage the bottom plate

  28. Posted this after 8 days because of how many people crucified it after I posted it for one day. I was shocked at how many people claimed they junked there's after using it only once.

  29. Such an utter piece of shit. Have had 100s of reports of these dying immediately. Typical head shop noob trap.

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