What’s the best way to loose weight? Usually when I walk on the treadmill it takes me 1 hour to burn 300 calories. I don’t have time to use the treadmill for 1 hour on the weekdays, what can I do instead?

  1. This is so true. It drives me crazy listening to everyone who does NOT believe this. It is actually the only rational thing.

  2. Any tips!? I know CICO is proven but my friend did it and saw her develop an eating disorder and I feel scared that it will become obsessive. Like a gateway drug lmfao I know that’s kind of dramatic but it is a real challenge to reframe it bc I also think about how I loved my friend skinny or fat and just wished she didn’t have to find out about CICO. Though I do want to lose weight but I also want to feel like it’s natural and non restrictive.

  3. 5+ year Personal trainer here, this is true, but with one caveat - building muscle makes losing fat much faster and easier. Muscle is an energy hungry tissue, fat is your long term storage of energy. So, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.

  4. May I ask what your cut was? I calculated my TDEE, but I’m not sure what percent to cut (my maintenance was calculated at 1800, so I’m trying to cut to 1300)

  5. Not entirely sure what the deficit was because I didn’t want to track and become obsessed, cut my portions ALOT I was a binge eater before still am but I haven’t binged since my journey started in January idk how maybe jsut a lot of will power! I also did about A hour to a hour and. A half of cardio every day for months I still go to the gym but cut how long I go and increased my food intake to maintain my weight and so far been about 2 months of maintenance

  6. You can burn a lot more calories if you jump rope an intense 10 min jump rope session can burn about 150-200 calories tho if your just keeping a good pace you can burn about 100 every 10 mins that’s what I do

  7. I think it would be more effective for you to just fit 10 min walks into your day. Eat breakfast, 10 min walk, eat lunch, 10 min walk, eat dinner 10 min walk. Before bed 10 min walk. This plus your average steps for the day should get you around 10,000 steps a day. Then you don’t need to even bother with the treadmill and getting sweaty

  8. Dancing! Dance workouts burn 400-600 calories in an hour depending on the speed. Try growwithjo or ginaB dance fitness, my favorites

  9. Eat less which is 90% of how to lose weight anyway in spite of all the exercise fanatics who are actually building muscle tone and other good things! Lol!

  10. CICO has a 99% failure rate? Lol even keto diets recommend watching your caloric intake. Any that says you don't have to watch your calories is a scam

  11. While focusing on calories burned can be important, try just walking around your house everyday! Whether its to clean up dishes or laundry, house work can get quite a few cals burned in my experience. Not 300 an hour but movement that comes from it can be handy!

  12. If you get an hour for lunch during the week at work, you could always go for a walk then as well? Even for just 30 mins a day, that’s 2.5 hours of walking. That’ll add up and you can do some HIIT, weights, walking, running or whatever you fancy at the gym as well. Plus a calorie deficit as well

  13. Please note, most machines, treadmills, ellipticals etc, have a HIGH estimate of the calories you burn. Also, if you have a watch of some sort, you need to enter in all the settings to configure it to you. If you haven’t, go ahead and configure it and do that workout again.

  14. Try increasing the incline a little bit, when I workout I put the incline to 5 and increase from there over a 30 minute period. Good luck!

  15. weighted leg exercises. i've started doing squats and lunges with 30lbs in my hands and it really works these thigh and quad muscles and makes you burn more calories during the day. i had been biking a lot and at first it really helped, but at some point with that or walking your body just gets used to the effort and doesn'T build more muscle than what you need, so you don't burn more calories as a result, but putting on more weight in the exercises really does the trick. also sometimes i just pace in my living room with two 15lbs dumbbells in my hands.

  16. Real weight loss happens on the plate. Better food choices, better portions, caloric deficit; CICO (calories in, calories out). There is something to be said about increasing your NEAT calories as well as getting the recommended 30mins daily aerobic exercise. NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis which are the incidental calories you burn by making activity adjustments. Some examples are parking your car farther away from the store you're entering, using walls and counters for impromptu sets of modified pushups, squats while you cook your food, even having a standing desk or leg shaking while being seated can add to your calorie deficit because you are using more calories without depleting your energy. Your body can't tell the difference between scheduled exercise or impromptu, so add more movement when and where you can. Get creative with it. Small steps add up to big changes :) start small, but most importantly start!

  17. CICO :) I also do a small workout routine each day, literally takes me 7-10 minutes. It may be small but it's something. I also walk with the family just around the block. Even just doing thse two things changed my mental state of mind too, which overall makes me feel 100 times better. Combine that with fresh salads and chickpeas, with fish or chicken for lunch and dinner, makes it easy and yummy! Goodluck :)

  18. Weight training and tons of protein! Weight training burns fat and builds muscle. Muscle raises your metabolism and helps burn more fat at rest. Protein helps the process. Good luck!

  19. it is technically possible but i can’t overstress just how difficult it is to out exercise a bad diet. it can help around the margins, especially if ur fit and can burn, say, 500 kcal in 40 minutes running for 5 miles, but in generally cutting out calories from the diet is always the first course of action. cardiovascular exercise is great for the heart and lungs so definitely keep at it, but also lift, as the increased muscle mass will allow u to eat more and raise ur basal metabolic rate in the long run. keep it up i believe in u. i lost 100 pounds when i was 17 (currently 20) by exercising a little more and weight lifting as part of that exercise, alongside calorie counting.

  20. Start with a 20 minutes walk first thing in the morning and try to walk 10-20 minutes after your lunch and dinner. Park your car a little away from the shop etc. It adds up

  21. I do an Incline 10 and 3.5 mph on the treadmill and that burns me about 400 calories in 30 minutes. You can increase intensity to reduce time, what is your goal? Less time or more calories burned?

  22. Less sugar, more water and cico. 1kg of fat ≈ 7000 calories, so you do the math. I'd recommend intermittent fasting, or OMAD. Exercising few hours after your meal is good, helps you get into ketosis state faster and has many other benefits, get good sleep and build self discipline. You'll face many enemies in your journey, and the most dangerous one is yourself, your mind craves calories you have to control it. The first few weeks are the hardest, but once you start seeing results, you'll feel real satisfaction.

  23. My wife was having no success with HIIT and turned to Jenny Craig. She’s lost 30 lbs in 3 months and it’s amazing. It’s pricy but you save on groceries and eating out.

  24. Walk on an incline = being way more efficient. 30 mins of stairmaster is also way better than 1hr of treadmill and no incline. Also if you want to lose weight bad enough you can guarantee walk 1hr a day on the treadmill. No excuses. Burn more calories than you eat and you’ll lose weight if you don’t count calories you have no idea how many calories you’re eating a day having an estimate of how much you ate a day isn’t good enough. You can also lose weight without ever getting on the treadmill again it will just take you longer. If you’re short on time I highly suggest you do burpees instead of treadmill 🤙🏾

  25. Some weight bearing exercise could help burn more while at rest but I agree with those who have reiterated the fact that you can't out exercise a diet to high in calories, Furthermore the calorie counts on gym machines are known to be fairly inaccurate. Maybe you coukld incorporate some high intensity spurts while on the treadmill (use an incline too as someone else mentioned) but add some light weights to your routine. Even walking in a weighted vest could be a good idea as that helps with building bone mass.

  26. Calories in, calories out (CICO) is the way to go and what all diets are based on. As long as you burn more than you consume you'll lose weight. Use a TDEE calculator to find out what you burn in a day and subtract 200-500 calories (or whatever is healthy, take into consideration medical issues). Track your progress, if you lose more than 2lbs a week add some calories. If you lose less, remove some. If you end up going under 1300 calories a day there might be something up with your metabolism in which case I'd strongly suggest visiting a nutritionist or better yet, a licensed dietician. If you can't afford that look into metabolic adaptation and reverse dieting.

  27. Lift weights. It'll help pick up your BMR, burn more calories doing nothing, and you wouldn't look flabby even when you lose the weight. Being skinny fat is also dreadful

  28. I don’t know if you have any climbing gyms in your area but I highly recommend it. I boulder so I don’t use ropes so you can do it alone and it’s pretty fun. You burn a CRAZY amount of calories and it works every muscle. I love it and it’s the best way for me to get in shape with what feels like low effort.

  29. You can try easy training programs such as C25K, which usually is about 30 minutes of exercise. It'll help you to increase your caloric loss over time too since the program trains you to run for longer periods of time within that ~30 minutes!

  30. Try a rebounder … I burn about 300 in 30 min, it’s like running all the benefits of fat loss without the effort.

  31. Elliptical/Cross trainer could be good, or a bike. You can go at a higher intensity without worrying about hurting your joints which happens with running

  32. Eat well and, I personally believe, weightlifting only is better than cardio only. Less calories in than calories out + moderate muscle building.

  33. Do you have 30 minutes? 12-3-30 is what I do on the treadmill. 12 incline-3 speed- 30 minutes. I adjust variation of it depending on how I’m feeling but that can be useful.

  34. There's this machine at the gym called Jacob's Ladder that is a full body high intensity workout... I am left breathless after just over 4 minutes on it. It's much more efficient at burning calories than walking on a treadmill.

  35. I’ve been trying to lose weight my entire life. My doc finally said the only way I was going to lose weight was if I ate about 500 calories a day. Total. So, I’m still fat.

  36. I put the treadmill on an incline and walk briskly. Jog for two mins to get my heart rate up then slow it down so I’m more comfortable. Burns about 100 cals/ 10 mins. Getting your heart rate up for 30 mins a few times a week is so good for overall health. Mental clarity, energy, etc.

  37. I started eating more, and more protein and vegetables, while biking 10 miles a day, walking 30 min/ day and swimming once a week and sleeping. in 3 weeks I lost 8 pounds. I’m probably not the best person to ask I was 120 and now I’m 112.

  38. can anyone recommend the best way to cut calories? I don't eat much, but evidently I'm eating something wrong because the scale won't move...

  39. Maybe try HIT . 30 minutes is like doing an hours worth of exercise for your body. It works every muscle group. You can do one set take a 10 second break and move on to the next set. Try going for 2-3 sets and at least 10 per set to start

  40. Do you have a bike? If you do you can buy a kit to convert it (temporarily until you want to use it for transportation again) to stationary for indoors, for pretty cheap. Biking is the ultimate high intensity, low impact work out, other than swimming. If you do some short bursts of high intensity you'll burn almost as much calories in half the time, crank up the resistance and you can even burn double in half the time. Just work yourself up to that. Casual biking would burn shit the same. Running also would half the time but you have to run the same distance that it takes to burn 300 when walking. So for instance if you walked 3 miles in one hour and burned 300 cal, you would need to RUN 3 miles, which would take a shorter time but it would burn about the same number of calories. Remember it's about intensity more than anything else, if you only have a short time.

  41. Kettlebells. You’ll burn a ton of calories, the class I took had a lot of lunges and squats and burned about 400 calories in 20 minutes.

  42. I strongly disagree with reducing carb count to under 20. Your body needs carbs to function, and carbs are not the enemy here. Eating garbage high in carbs and low in nutritional value is.

  43. No salt? or just no added salt? If you stop all salt intake you will destroy your entire digestive system. It will take months, if not years, to recover. Even then, it will never be the same.

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