Alright let’s be honest with each other. What do you make and what do you do?

  1. It’s interesting, because on the internet combo welding is among the top10 too right behind pipefitting.

  2. Pipe fitter in Ohio. our package is like 72 an hour 44 per hour take home the rest goes to benefits. We take home 1200 or so a week on 40 hr weeks

  3. Not a lot on here will mention it but you could go the engineering route if you don't think the physical aspects of union work will suit you. There are a few schools out there that offer 4 year degrees in welding engineering or welding engineering technology. I went to Ferris State University and the average starting salary for my graduating class was 76k with 100% placement, and that was a few years ago

  4. A degree in mechanical engineering with some work experience as a welder would let you get into the same field easily and would be a bit more versatile if a school doesn’t offer a weld engineering specific major.

  5. My buddy is going to Penn Tech for exactly this. I went the trade school route and he's set up to be making much better than me and with more education. definitely something to consider

  6. I took a two week class there over the summer for welding and machining with maritime students, holy shit we had a great time and the teacher dude was super cool too. Showing up to class hungover every morning... Great dining hall too.

  7. Great point. I’m just about to finish my welding engineering technology diploma in Alberta Canada. I could not recommend taking this route enough! It opens up so many pathways that you can take. A lot of graduates go on to become NDT, QC, inspectors, drafters, supervisors, contractors, welders, etc… These programs offer you a solid foundational knowledge of the engineering side of things such as pressure and structural codes/standards, metallurgy, engineering materials, statics, mechanics of materials, understanding how welding processes work (including robotics) and how to operate them and repair/maintenance them; along with the more hands on side of things such as fitting, fabricating & welding. If you have an interest in the industry; with a welding engineering technology diploma the possibilities really are endless.

  8. I’ve heard the jobs are quite sparse and not easy to come by, was that the case for you and did you have to move?

  9. Welder/fabricator at a scrap metal recycling facility. First welding job out of school. $26.58 per hour, all ppe provided, medical, dental, vision, pto, as well as quarterly bonuses. Way chill place and cool people as well.

  10. Oregon, Portland metro area. We don't do any cert level welding here. Just kind of fab/repair work on whatever and random "build me this" kind of jobs for other employees who need a special tool or something fixed.

  11. What kind of work do you do? I live in a big city and do workforce dev stuff. We have lots of scrap metal places and I am always looking for new employers for our participants that get welding certs.

  12. Boilermaker pressure welder, make $50/hr. Anything after 8 is double time, weekends and holidays are double time. Anything after 10hrs you get a hot meal paid for or a $35 tax free meal chit. Great benefits package plus pension.

  13. Union for sure. Tin knocker here, welding stainless & galvi duct alongside my normal work. 52.10/hr + Health, vision, dental, annuity and 2 pensions

  14. Funny. I just took a 19/he full-time 40he week job as my first welding job and planning to stay 1-3 years probably 3 to get the experience on my resume before hitting up a union to try and make bigger bucks. For my first job 30k a year isent awful. Is it? No prior experience besides tech school. Plus I like the people I work with which is why I think 3 years is a good thing. Get me skilled and really good at tig (tig precision shop). Because I like tig the most since it's actually challenging.

  15. I started at 17.50 as a laborer at a production type of place. Got a couple raises, one for staying longer than 6 months and one cause the right guy walked by at the right time. Practiced mig after scarfing down my lunch on lunch break (30 minutes) and got certified and bumped up to 22 two years later.

  16. Other than being laid off when they don't need you and dues being deducted from every paycheck and not just monthly dues.

  17. $53.303 an hour base rate with plenty of emergent overtime between outages - union in-house nuclear power plant maintenance welder. Go union, ideally with the Pipefitters, Steamfitters, or Boilermakers; you can always keep your book if you decide to explore other options, I know plenty of folks who did just that in case the greener grass turned out to be fudge from an ass.

  18. 6 figures, and some of these non-union folks are making closer to $20/hour doing shittier work! Damn, I will never forgive my dad for raising me to be a scab instead of a union man.

  19. 62.50 an hour in the check, I believe it’s 102 total hourly rate after last years raise. Union steamfitter, Philly, UA420.

  20. I'm not too far from you, I'm in CT working on submarines. If you don't mind me asking what do you bring home weekly, I just learned that my union isn't recognized outside of the company I work for... which I have no idea why...

  21. $49.07 welding in the entertainment industry. Union position. Health care, pension. Plenty of ot. Couldn’t tell you the last time I worked less than a 10 hr day. Fun creative projects. Craft service and catering provided more than not. I love my job

  22. $26.25/hr rebuilding dumpsters and rolloff for WM, union and full health,dental, vision, life insurance, boot voucher and tool bonus each year. Although I just accepted a job offer for Wessco to rebuild compactors and do hydraulics and basic low voltage electrical for $30/hr. Stick and short circuit mig

  23. 27.55 I work for a job shop with full benefits 401k match and i work the weekend shift 3 12 paid for 40 yada yada. No mandatory overtime And I absolutely loved my 4 days off a week.

  24. You gotta travel bro . No lie . Get enough experience to be able to pass the plate test or pipe . A lil bit of some field experience and hit the road . You won’t look back I promise

  25. $10 bucks an hour??? Jesus...I live in a major city, but still, no one makes $10 an hour anymore. Places are struggling to hire people to do manual labor or work manufacturing lines for $15-$18 an hour.

  26. I don't do it professionally any more but my last job was in a sweat shop making trailers. Pay was based on what you got done. I averaged 38/hr on a good day and 20/hr on the worst day after a new guy on our team put hangers on wrong causing 3 trailers to be built 4 or 5 inches out of square. Had to cut them all completely apart and take the metal to the saw to be cut for use on other smaller trailers. I got out of there due to the lack of safety, dead end job kind of thing, and I was offered a supervisor position at a production plant sitting in AC all day. I still do a lot of stuff on the side as I was blessed to be able to buy a few welders for myself.

  27. I'm about to graduate and currently I'm a tool/die maker for a major injection plastic company. It's not fabrication, and while it's easy, I'm ready to go on to opening my own shop.

  28. I make $25/hr as an industrial contractor out in the field. Welding, millwright, structural, plumbing, hvac. A lot of the work is sketchy or just sucks. After 40 hours is overtime, time and a half. We usually work 50hr weeks but we're doing 60hr weeks this summer. Good benefits and health coverage. Non-union. Sounds like guys who have worked here 10+ years to get to the top still make under $50/hr.

  29. I am a titanium Tig welder in the aerospace field. I build parts for for a company that is subcontracted in UT making parts for jet/airplane engines . I currently make $23 hour the top out for a select few is $28 an hour. My previous job I worked building tractor trailers in a factory. The most I made at that job with a bunch of overtime was 67k

  30. 62.50 an hour in the check, I believe it’s 102 total hourly rate after last years raise. Union steamfitter, Philly, UA420.

  31. 25/hrs .I work in a factory and I do MIG, TIG, run robots, and fabricate random stuff. Union and pipe pay the best but there not going pick someone with no experience unless you know someone.

  32. This guys statement about the union is right. Guy I know who's dad was on the interview board got him in as soon as he turned 18. I had to jump through multiple hoops, apply over 4 times, and even took a double 6g weld test for them. I was still started out as a first year apprentice. It can be very frustrating but it is well worth it. You will recieve training that you won't get anywhere else.

  33. back in 95. base was 27. then you had per-diems, certification bonuses, drug screen bonus and height/hazard pay bonuses. High iron and specialty fabrication work.

  34. Structural welding carbon and stainless mostly. Work on the road doing shutdowns and new construction. 32-36 hr and 100-125 a day per diem so averages out to about 40 an hour maybe more idk maths

  35. 20-35: fucked around in and out of various fab shops and production welding jobs, paid better than kitchen jobs and you could get a welding job anywhere without a drug test in those days.

  36. Union pipefitter. 53/hr, 12/hr into healthcare fund, 10/hr into pension fund, 13/hr into 401k. Miscellaneous shit after that. Total package is 91.03/hr.

  37. Been out of welding school and at my first job about 1.5 years and making $25 doing stainless tig on industrial food fryers. Everyone is making me regret not going union on here 😂

  38. Never too late to jump ship and hit up the union halls. I know apprentices that are in their 30s. Boilermakers, pipe fitters, ironworkers etc all great union trades with great welding opportunities

  39. Fresh out of school getting $25/hour at a job with a big mix of welding, machining, and mechanic/technician work. Jealous of all the union workers making the big bucks but I don't really want to weld full time. Why I went to welding school is beyond me.

  40. Stainless tig pipe welder and fabricator at a paper mill in Toronto. Started about 7 months back and my wage is $25 Canadian it’s a place to get experience for an eventual profession jump but I get to learn and work at my own pace here.

  41. I was making about $26-$27 CAD doing mig on mild steel in a production shop before I left. Hoping I can get some credentials for tig here in UK and find work after a few years off.

  42. 27 hour... Wisconsin south central. Repair & Fabrication in a stone quarry company. Best money I have made in 20 years. No down time, all the overtime you want.

  43. Straight out of welding school starting at 20$. Building cattle squeezes and shoots. There were plenty other places paying more but I was offered a job here and I really enjoy it.

  44. I’d like to know where many of these higher paying jobs are. Even if it’s just a state or region. I live in the Midwest and 50k a year will go much much further than the same amount in say California. Heck even depends on the city you in

  45. 25.50$, fabrication and welding. Although I live in an area where the average rent is around $400 to $500 so my paychecks do go a lot further than if I lived in the city.

  46. Same man, hoping for more opportunities to come. It could always be worse though be grateful for at least having a job to support yourself. Gain the experience and you will undoubtedly become a better welder for more opportunities.

  47. I know this is a bit of a tangent, but I welded in the Coast Guard and work as a firefighter now. Firefighting jobs on the west coast pay crazy good. I moved for the work and make $110k with OT (~$85k base/starting salary) as a top step firefighter. I say this not to brag, but because the fire service as a whole is super short staffed and it the easiest its been to get your foot in the door than anytime in the last decade. I can't recommend the job enough.

  48. I'm with IATSE 891 doing metal fab for the film industry. My rate varries by a few dollars an hour depending on the show i'm working on, but is usually right about $40/hour plus overtime. I'm usually employed as a lead hand so that gets me a $2 bump as well as an extra hour of pay on top of my usual 10 hour day. On top of that when i'm the lead ingenerally outfit the shop, so i negotiate a kit rental for my tools at the start of a show, usually something along the lines of 2% kit value per week, which right now is about $80 per day.

  49. Union Ironworker , structural welding all the way to misc welding such as hand rail, stairs, 55/hr full top of the line benefits , pensions etc

  50. I’m Doing sheet metal fabrication. Laser, brake press, TIG and MIG welding. Everything from drilling and tapping holes, to assembling small guarding packages. I make 30 and hour currently and this time next year I’ll get bumped to 33. I live in Wisconsin.

  51. Job shop, starting at 22 an hour in a rural town, but the works neat i get to do a bunch of random shit every day, more fun than some jobs listed

  52. $23.50 (atm) production welder. I build machines/platforms for the food industry on a factory level. Guaranteed OT if you want to work, but union imo is the way to go. Much better pay and benefits from what I’ve heard speaking to guys that come to my shop from out of state to help. They even wanted me to go back with them to go union lol.

  53. You want to ask yourself how much you want to travel. West Michigan union pipe fitter here I’ve been at it for 13 years now and stayed steadily employed close to home and our scale is 37.89$ but with spotty overtime I took home 80,000$ last year.

  54. I’m a pipe fitter/welder local 440, UA 21 certified and I can vouch for the Union being a great experience with amazing benefits, good pay, and representation. I recommend it, you’ll have to do a apprenticeship but it’s worth it.

  55. Journeyman fitter/welder 65/hr non union around here is close to 40/45 if you can fit and weld steel. Little more for combo welders. East coast city

  56. I signed up to be a traveling Millwright for an industrial construction company (we specialize in plants and refineries).

  57. I’m a welder/fitter and make 21/hr. I know I could make much much more but I LOVE the place I work at, I’ve had offers for way much more but I don’t know what kind of place I’ll potentially be walking into. I’ll stay here 😌

  58. 62.50 an hour in the check, I believe it’s 102 total hourly rate after last years raise. Union steamfitter, Philly, UA420.

  59. 62.50 an hour in the check, I believe it’s 102 total hourly rate after last years raise. Union steamfitter, Philly, UA420.

  60. I build racks for larger HDD drills, 28/hr and decent benefits, its ok, im not happy with it but not upset either, its a job and its reliable.

  61. Project engineer with 3 years of experience, making $80k/yr salary. Was making 21/hr as wj designer/operator/fabricator before that.

  62. Im weld street sweeper trucks started at 17 and now im at 19.50 after working 4 months for this company an the boss is talking about another raise

  63. South Texas located offshore rig builder, structural FCAW, 1st class @ $25/hr. Average 50-56 hours per week, with the company. I get all insurance paid 2/3rds by company, 1/3rd my end. 401k dollar per dollar match, retirement and all the little injury pay. Most of the subcontractors (supplemental labor) get paid at least $10/hr more plus per diem but no benefits or paid holidays unless their parent company pays.

  64. Pipe welding, steam and combustion turbine repair (but welding only, no millwright work), $40 hour with the main company I work for. 150-290 per diem depending on the area. Paid flights, travel time, paid rental car, gas reimbursed, OT after 40 and saturdays, Sunday’s double. If I’m not working for them most other piping companies I’ve worked for are still 40/150

  65. If you want to make money when you're new, try traveling. In indeed put "welder per diem". Also look at I'm currently production mig welding. Making 18.50 an hour with 150 per diem. We work like 55 hours a week. Checks are usually 1,600 per week. If I work Saturdays they're almost 2,000.

  66. I make 30$ an hour in the north bay of California building spiral stair cases and railings. I started a year ago making 20$ and there is still room for growth. Guys at our small shop top out around 50 an hour. The drawbacks are that it's not union, we have no health care and no 401k. I have my own Roth IRA that I put money into and I have medical and dental insurance through covered California but I still pay about 300$ a month for that.

  67. production welding, i build rotors for farm equipment, i make 21:33 for now, will be making 25 by end of year.

  68. 70/Hr , all overtime is double time. Union Pipeliner. Annuity , Pension, Health, Dental and Vision. Also Vacation Checks. Also have a rig which my company gives me a separate check as a rental fee for using my rig and it’s services.

  69. Welding on submarines for a company with a union, started off at 3rd class making 25$/hr. Pay tops out at 35ish for 1st class guys.. Dental,vision, 401k( match up to 6% which is 60$ for me),health cost... everything included its about 120 a week. So I bring home 650ish average with union dues and everything taken out.

  70. 21 an hour after 1.5 years in residential Hvac. Started at 14 with no experience. Got my epa and J1 card,. Went from a helper to a lead installer after the first 8 months.

  71. Pipe fitting is hood. There’s also shipping container repair industry. As well as tankers that haul chemicals or liquids.

  72. You dont have to get a job and stay there i know a man who had a welding job but then his union went on strike so he made tailers to make ends meet it took off and he made good money on it

  73. 21 an hour, first welding job out of school. 10 minutes from my house, lots of opportunity for prevailing wage work, and the job site is super lax. Combining break, lunch, and leaving early we work 6 out of 8 hours

  74. Union Millwright, I'll make between $80-90k when I journey out. I don't take too many out of town gigs though.

  75. I weld pipe as a b pressure in alberta, not the best paying job around. But $42 hour with great benefits and a great work atmosphere

  76. Self Employed/business owner non union Ironworker in NY 15yrs exp...make enough to support family and pay bills all that matters...

  77. I work in a Shipyard. Welders make $28.50 for Structural Steel. Pipe Welders make $29.50. Aluminum/Stainless puts them at $31.50.

  78. I’m a union pipefitter, best decision I’ve made. It’s my first year and I’m making $22hr plus amazing benefits as well as some side money from the company I’m working with. You move up quick and they help you every step of the way until you make $50hr.

  79. I make $22 an hour making edge metal accessories, coping, fascia, that sorta stuff. Still going through school, I want to go union after I'm done with school. I could use some suggestions on where to go in case anyone has a good one.

  80. I run a lathe and weld parts on it. The class I took in high school vo-tech actually taught us a little lathe work and alot of stick welding..The only reason I make what I do is because it a specialty type job. The jobs I had before this one didn't pay all that great. The best thing in my opinion is to work for yourself.

  81. Forgo becoming a welder, stay in school 4 more years and become a weld inspector. You probably judge all your classmates welds rn as it is, why not do it professionally and get paid?

  82. It’s not a risk. It’s a win win situation. There’s no perfect system, but something is better than nothing. Don’t believe the union haters. Unions know how much money there really is out there and fight to get you a better share. Non union, it’s all up to your own negations. Most likely you don’t have the historical knowledge of the industry to know what’s there for the taking

  83. 22.00/Hr in manufacturing. Although Im not sure how well thats going since Im currently sitting suspended for missing too many days (8) and then missing work friday (overtime, I showed up and then immediately threw up, left a half hour afterwords. Worked the next day though.)

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