Baked cake for my work colleagues for my birthday and nobody took any

  1. OP said they had to remove a portion of the cake that was burnt. at that point just leave the whole thing at home. if it was in the oven long enough to (partially) burn, the rest of it is going to be overly dry and unappetising. just try again with something else another time. or buy grocery store cupcakes. even easier

  2. Post Covid, I’m not too surprised. Peoples attitudes have changed, especially with germs, shared foods, and people touching food

  3. I mean regardless i just dont like sweets and cake or anything like that. I alway politely turn it down and people get all weird. Im like show me a bag of ruffles and i will down that shit like a starving man but i just dont like candy or sweet things.

  4. You think the coworkers were like, "hey Peter, this cake sucks! Looks like literal shit! We won't eat it cuz we hate you!". And then they threw it on the ground?

  5. So after reading reddit stories on how people prepare food (dogs licking fingers) and how YOU yourself said that part of it was burned... I wouldn't eat it either.

  6. This is why I don't eat home cooked meals from people I don't know well. People can appear clean but be fucken animals at home.

  7. Yeah, I was just reading the post from the person who only wipes ONCE after they poop. "Have some brownies, I made them myself." Scratches ass

  8. Wait I just remembered a real horror story of a guy who used to eat the crackers his coworker would bring in, but no else would eat besides him.

  9. Looks like they dropped it and it isn't covered. I would imagine most peoples breaks were over before they could distinguish what they were looking at. Never even had a chance to eat it.

  10. I do not think, it looks disgusting. I would not necessarily want to eat such a cake wearing a white shirt and would have prefered a knife nearby to cut off a piece/have it offered in mothesized pieces, but besides that, I have eaten some chocolate fudge cake that did not look much different from this one and tasted great.

  11. I’m with you. It’s the nice way of saying it looks like shit homie. OP said they had to cut away the burnt parts hahaha come on man. No one here is being straight up. No one ate that because it’s terrifying.

  12. I remember when I was a child and we had a potluck at school. I told Mom the night before that I was supposed to bring potato salad and she was livid because she had only a scoop of mayo and back then grocery stores closed at 9-10pm. She proceeded to make a small salad and I brought it to school the next morning. It was dry as hell and I was so embarrassed, but I thanked Mom for making the effort. Fast forward 15 years later, I am meeting with old classmates for a drink and one of them brings up the dry ass potato salad from elementary school. Guessing no one remembered it was my dish because they all ragged on how awful and dry it was, so much that they remembered the trauma of it years later. 🤣. I sure as shit kept my mouth shut. Good times.

  13. Your mother is a saint. I would not have done anything to teaxh you a lesson in organization. I hate it when children are like "welp i need this tomorrow" at like 9 in the evening

  14. I had to laugh out loud visualizing your story. A potato salad lacking mayonnaise… that’s basically just a bowl of potato’s… just sitting there between actual meals … a bowl of potatoes… I can feel your mums frustration :’)

  15. It was just a major holiday for a lot of people, and it is a holiday of fasting for another group. Those who had major celebrations over the weekend probably are trying to avoid extra sugar now. I wouldn't take it personally.

  16. Always make something you have experience with making correctly… Me: “I brought microwaved canned soup for my coworkers on my birthday and no one wanted any”. Sad face…

  17. On that note, baking a cake using a box takes zero skill. It’s the mix, eggs, oil. That’s it. Set your oven to what the box tells you too. And set the timer for how long it tells you to bake it. A 10-year-old could do it.

  18. This looks like the episode of It's Always Sunny, where the gang makes their own energy bars laced with sedatives to win a dance competition.

  19. Okay so what I'm piecing together is you baked cake, manhandled it a bunch to remove burnt bits and presented the above to coworkers? Yeah hard pass I wouldn't have taken any either. It looks like you brought in leftovers.

  20. I stopped eating the food my coworkers made because I figured out that half of them don't wash their hands after using the toilet...

  21. I hade a classmate this year bring in homemade bread and both slices I tried were full of long black hair, which is even weirder in retrospect because that classmate is a ginger with short hair

  22. really nice of you to go through the trouble of making them op but they don’t look appealing at all i’m afraid

  23. Im fat, love to eat, and would love to eat these. But I simply just don't eat anything that my coworkers bring in.

  24. They banned people bringing in food for everyone at my last job because one time somebody got the entire staff sick.

  25. I made something for my boyfriend once that tasted great but looked awful. He playfully said “the eyes gotta eat too”. He’s not wrong, and this applies to you as well. Your cake looks like leftovers from 5 days ago and the different sized pieces make it look very sketchy. I wouldn’t have eaten it either 😂 Happy birthday though! Your heart was in the right place :)

  26. Yeah I typically do not touch other people's food in work unless specifically offered to me. It's not because I don't want any, mainly because I don't want to be accused of stealing someone else's food.

  27. 100% this. I don’t trust any food someone brings in. It’s not that I think you did anything intentional, it’s that I see people on the daily not wash their hands after using the restroom and I’ve seen the state of some people. I just don’t trust the food was prepared sanitarily

  28. Covid really fucked with people, especially if there was a long WFH period. I work in manufacturing so we've been working this whole time and still occasionally have food days.

  29. I mean... I wouldn't eat it. No offense, and it's a nice gesture. However, it looks like shit and not worth the calories

  30. I never touched anything 'homemade' that coworkers would bring in. I see your rancid asses in the bathroom taking a nasty duke and walking out without so much as a glance at the sink.

  31. OP I mean this with love and kindness but it doesn't look appetizing at all. The irony here is that it probably tastes good but sometimes presentation is what does the trick. This is just a sad tray of cake bits that may or may not have weed in them.

  32. Looks chocolaty... Maybe ppl are watching what they eat, trying to shave off the weight they put on Easter celebration, ya know.

  33. I've noticed with covid that homemade foods aren't received as well as prepackaged items so please don't take it personally. It's like birthday candles- I can't recall a birthday in the last couple years where I saw them!

  34. Next time just stop by Walmart or something and pick up some cupcakes, man. Not everyone is a baker, and that’s okay - just don’t take it personally.

  35. I brought some store mini-cupcakes to work as well as a small separate package of gluten-free ones because there are two GF coworkers….only one person took one ☹️

  36. If you want people to take your baked good it helps if there are paper plates and utensils to pick up and eat the cake with. You could also go with something grab and go like a cupcake or cookies.

  37. Looks disgusting tbh… If you’re going to cook for others then learn how to cook first? Otherwise people will not eat it.

  38. Tbh, I wouldn’t touch any food at work as long as it’s not individually packaged and sealed. Even then, it check the best-before date. Can’t trust anyone with food.

  39. Wild guess but it's probably due to the whole pandemic thing that might be going on right now XD I totally forgot that that may be a concern for others and was quite upset when none of my peers wanted any of the cake n cookies I brought in for our final day of class.

  40. These 'I did [x] and nobody arrived' self-pity posts are by far the worst of the content uploaded to this subreddit. The spontaneous/accidental or unpredictable posts where, idk, a burst pipe destroys someone's £2000 MacBook actually make me think 'damn that sucks' - These types of posts just scream 'woe is me, the world does not sufficiently praise me for my efforts'

  41. I will happily have some packaged/shop bought treats, but I don’t take any home baked stuff from my colleagues or stuff brought in by customers. I’m sure they were delicious, but you just don’t know the level of hygiene people have at home, and that puts me off.

  42. Who the fuck cares that no one ate your cake. No is forced to eat it. Take another year and grow up and relize people not eating your brown gross looming cake means literally nothing in the grand scheme. I wouldn’t eat it either it looks burnt

  43. Very sweet of you to do this OP and I'm sorry that no one ate your cake, but did you really not see this coming? Your cake looks really unappetizing. I honestly wouldn't even identify that as a cake to begin with because it looks like brownies because it's so flat. Is it frosted? Most importantly, it's cut into unusual pieces and arranged in a strange way. Why are there a bunch of pieces missing if no one took any? If I saw someone walk into work with that I would think they were bringing in leftover brownies from a kid's birthday party over the weekend. I definitely wouldn't take any.

  44. Don’t worry, it’s not cause they don’t like you, it’s cause your cake looks like shit. More for you I guess?

  45. I hate when people bring in cake. A lot of people are on diets and these little things are the catalyst that send me down the road to obesity after months of salads. I admire those people for not taking the cake.

  46. I guess it depends if they think you’re hygienic. There are some coworkers in which I really wouldn’t want to eat their food based on the amount of beard dandruff that sheds onto their desk everyday.

  47. What’s with all the front page posts lately with people complaining that friends or coworkers or dates didn’t show up for a party/date or eat food that the OP cooked? Seems really whiny. This “cake” looks gross. Plus lots of people don’t like to eat food brought from coworkers’ homes. Stop whining OP.

  48. Yikes you baked your own birthday cake… poorly at that… you burnt it… you cut it with a spoon or some shit. You didn’t put frosting on it… come on 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. This sucks because presentation matters, and as you say OP, if was burn in some places maybe it doesn't taste as good as you think.

  50. Honestly, I used to be first into the kitchen when someone brought cake. Now, post Covid, I don't touch it. It's nothing personal and it was a lovely thought OP!

  51. I'm in a weird spot with food right now. Communal, shared dishes such as a buffet line, or pre-cut-up funky ass cake like this, I still can't get comfortable eating them. On the other had, I have had minimal problem ordering fast food which had questionable food handling practices BEFORE this whole pandemic.

  52. It looks questionable. I’m sorry to say that. I don’t mean to offend, but it’s just hacked up randomly. It doesn’t look like something you should present to others to eat.

  53. The color of this « cake » is way too close to a poop. Also the shape and the cutting of it makes it worse so I totally understand your colleagues. Happy birthday still!

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