Broke my GLASS chair-mat

  1. OP went ghost OP we need answers!!! Who the fuck buys a glass chair mat and uses it on carpet of all places 😂

  2. My feed above this was someone complaining about being an Olive Garden server and refilling unlimited breadsticks and soups

  3. On carpet at that. My 10yo granddaughter would know that wouldn’t work. She may not know why, but she would know it’s not a good idea.

  4. Yeah OP is a dunce for putting it on carpet of all things too, literally the weight will be constantly shifting everytime he moves his chair, it’ll never sit truly flush. May as well put down a sheet of glass over a balled up tshirt and jump on it lol

  5. OP pls explain. Why did you have a glass chair mat? How did you break it? Why did you think a glass chair mat would be a good idea??!!

  6. They sell plastic ones too, but they've made/used glass ones for decades. The glass ones are generally *much* better than their plastic counterparts (other than specific use-cases like static buildup or weight concerns). They're also surprisingly quite difficult to break under normal use conditions.

  7. I can't imagine any explanation which would render the thought of "GLASS chair mat" a respectable option.

  8. Glass is an awesome surface. All my desks, tables and chair mats are glass. 10/10 would recommend.

  9. They’re made out of tempered glass and are generally pretty heavy duty, OPs might have had a defect. We have glass chair mats at my office, both on hard flooring and carpet and we’ve never broken one. The thick glass (mine weighs like 25/30lbs) disperses the weight of the chair evenly- after enough time the wheels will wear into the floor and create dents in your flooring and subfloor. The plastic mats do not have the strength to disperse weight like this. This is actually a great design, just not every product can be 100% all the time.

  10. Never knew they made glass chair mats, I’m no expert for sure, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea. I have used the plastic ones for 40 years.

  11. You’d be amazed at how much better the glass works. I was very skeptical at first, even afraid to vacuum near it. But really, I’ve had no issues.

  12. I know it sounds crazy, but supposedly these glass chair mats can hold 1,000 pounds, and are designed to be used on carpet.

  13. My Immediate thought before reading the comments: who the fuck uses a glass floor mat? That’s a thing? Now that I think about it we’re prob being trolled haha

  14. I guess it’s a real thing…. I thought OP was an idiot and just bought some glass thinking he could role his chair on it … but by George, they are a real thing.

  15. They're not only a real thing, but most cost-conscious businesses/enterprises will ONLY buy the glass ones (except for specific use-cases/scenarios). It's been that way for decades.

  16. sir. you have 6+ bottles of water on your desk. Are you nuts? Get that away from your NO GLASS PANEL PC! and not to mention your dire need for cable management. You need to sort your priorities, mate. As soon as possible. wtf is a glass chair mat? on carpet? You are so confusing.

  17. buying a glass panel and laying it on carpet, to then put a 6 wheel chair on top is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have ever seen someone do.

  18. To all the commenters who are saying glass chair mats are stupid, they shouldn’t be used on carpet, etc., etc., you’re wrong.

  19. I scrolled down way too far to find this answer. I have been using a glass mat on my carpet for 2+ years and I absolutely love it.

  20. A boss of mine had one and it looked amazing. He didn’t like the bump under his desk because of a transition from carpet to wooden floor. He had to swap out the original casters for ones that looked like rollerblade wheels. Was super quiet and supposedly could withstand up to 1000 lbs.

  21. Former glass manufacturing employee here; when tempered, thick enough glass can be plenty strong enough to withstand the rigors of chair rolling and human weight. Its not that far fetched. We had plenty of glass chair mats for years without breaking in the office. In fact, I’ve not seen one break. Thats not to say, placing thinner tempered glass on a thicker carpet isn’t a great idea, but it’s not crazy. Personally, I’d use no less than 3/8” temper with a pencil polish, although with a thinner more industrial carpet u could easily use a 1/4” temper. Just saying, it’s pretty nice to roll on glass when u’ve been a peon pushing off ur desk while on plastic. It makes a huge difference.

  22. I can't believe yall have never seen one of these, our huge office has one under every chair and we have pretty aggressive carpet.

  23. All these comments abt using the glass chair mat on carpet being stupid… okay, that makes sense. But where else would you use a glass chair mat? If the surface is hard, would you even need one? Isn’t the point to allow the wheels on your chair to move? Carpet being the #1 place you’d need a chair mat? Seems like an honest mistake to me.

  24. I had a friend recently tell me that glass floor mats exist. I don't know why anyone would get one. That sounds like one of the dumbest ideas ever.

  25. And WHY do you have a glass chair mat? That’s just asking for sliced up feet. You should probably replace it with a silicone one, works much better

  26. A chair mat prevents damage to the carpet or floor from the chair rolling around on it. Also helps the chair roll on carpet. As for why it's glass because OP made poor life choices, these are usually plastic.

  27. Why would you have a glass chair-mat? That's just the dumbest weird flex thing ever. A tiny rock can break that shit and plastic is more durable and cheaper.

  28. I'd like to say you deserve it for having glass as a chair mat but to each their own, on the other hand it's pretty interesting and not common so yeah lil suckage there

  29. Lmao glass chair mat has to be the dumbest thing I’ve learnt this year. I thought glass cutting boards were dumb but they seem reasonable by comparison.

  30. Without researching this at all I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're not made for a carpet with that size pile. And I bet the manufacturer states to use on a wooden/laminated even surface or those square office carpets you see with almost zero depth.

  31. I just googled this and they sell for $1500AUD on Amazon Prime. OP paid whatever their country's equiv would be for a glass mat. I dont even have words. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. 1st of all If you think putting a small plate of glass under something u will sit in, fall off of or jump onto , is a good idea you deserve this, 2nd of all you aren't meant to use these on carpet

  33. What a fucking idiot… glass on a high-pile carpet. The world is doomed with such a prevalent lack of common sense.

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