Japanese Restaurant?

  1. Kyo in hartsdale. Few know it and it’s better that way. All the chefs trained in Japan, it was my sisters and my favorite place before she moved to chicago. One hundred percent recommend the crystal roll, you will not be let down. Itadakimasu!

  2. Asagao Sushi in Croton has always been reliable as heck. Good sushi. Good traditional Japanese dishes. Staff are very friendly too. Only draw, it's pretty small but most of their business has historically been takeout from what I can tell.

  3. Not in lower Westchester nor do I know if they’re trained by a Japanese chef but Wild Fusion in Mohegan Lake is decent.

  4. Sushi Mike's in dobbs ferry is pretty universally accepted as the best in Westchester. I'm not a bit sushi guy so just repeating what I've heard in many years of living in Westchester.

  5. We moved here, back home to the US, after 5 years in Tokyo. We often say that they should call it something different, not sushi, in this country because it’s usually not even close to acceptable. Even inexpensive sushi in Tokyo is better than most in the US.

  6. Can anyone give reasoning as to why this is so heavily down voted? I live in the area and haven't been to red plum in a while but used to enjoy it

  7. Very difficult to find Japanese sushi chefs outside of NYC. Besides fujinoya, Yamamoto in fort lee nj is run by a Japanese sushi chef. Small place but bigger than fujinoya. Good parking

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