Burning away weeds..

  1. I'm amazed at the number of people that start a job using fire and when the inevitable fire breaks out of its confinement, start looking for a means to extinguish it.

  2. This is what the tool was made for. Most people would just have a hose laying next to them to put out anything that got out of hand.

  3. It was made for heating road bitumen, if you think this is an intended way to use it, you should see if your local fir department has a class on forest fires

  4. We use one of these on the farm for certain weeding but…. nowhere near any buildings and only after watering. This is just idiotic.

  5. A guy a couple of streets from my house set his shed with lots of paints in it on fire doing this. Fortunatly for him, his house didn't catch on fire. His next door neighbours with the four children were not quite so fortunate. Their house burnt down. (nobody was hurt though)

  6. People like this make my piss boil. I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than live in a 10km radius of one of these brother fucking bogans.

  7. Burning grass is what South Carolina smells like in the winter. Some people actually burn their lawns off, for what reason I’m not exactly sure. Some kind of yearly growth renewal thing or something, but it’s just weird. Some people in SC have black lawns in winter. Whenever I smell burnt grass, I think of South Carolina.

  8. You don't actually burn them to a crisp, just wilt them. They then dehydrate themselves over the next day or so and die, usually taking the root system with them due to the increased load of trying to pump more water into the wilted plant.

  9. Just pour hot water or vinegar on them its a lot easier. But don't use vinegar around plants you want or where it can run off onto

  10. The only thing I have ever burned are these terrible plants called "puncture vine". They just dont go away unless you burn their seeds. Terrible plant.

  11. When you want it to look like an accident… It seems so stupid…perhaps it’s genius? Insurance fraud? What are the implications here for insurance claims and coverage?

  12. There was zero urgency to put the fire out and then this door knob puts the open flame still on, next to the tank…

  13. Weed burner is way faster, less physically intense, and so nuch more satisfying than doing that shit with hand tool.

  14. I would have had a fire extinguisher nearby. And also close the valve immediately. And certainly do not place the nozzle so close to the line at the end.

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