WCGW slapping an employee

  1. But first I have to go home and change out of my bedroom slippers and put my fightin’ shoes on. . .

  2. Love how she went from chicken little to bad ass when the other girl got pulled off and held back.

  3. Hopefully she, the customer, was charged with assault. That way every time she applies for a job she has to disclose to employers, for the rest of her life, that she thinks it's perfectly ok to assault people when things don't go her way.

  4. Sadly I think the cashier would be charged. This happen to a friend of mine and I don’t agree with it, but if you slap some one is not as bad as hitting something with a closed fist. I wish I knew more but that’s what the officer told my friend. My friend got a much harsher charge than the women that assaulted her first with the slap.

  5. I would have gave her a raise and a promotion for not taking some ones bullshit. Fuck people who talk down to the hard workers in customer service. Bravo to her!

  6. Never be the employee grabbing your coworker. Be the employee grabbing the customer so your coworkers can get some good blows in. That’s how you break up a fight!

  7. I would be so pissed at the dude holding her back. All he did was allow the other woman to grab her hair and hurt her further

  8. Why? Maybe he was trying to do what he could to stop her from injuring the bitch customer. Or maybe attempting to save her job before it got too deep

  9. People that never worked retail (or worse, people that did and are still a bitch) don't realize that most low level employees just need one god damn reason to snap and put all their misery and frustration behind flying fists, then throw their badge at the nearest manager.

  10. We’ve all been there. Being the employee that gets shit on everyday just waiting for the opportunity to whoop a customers ass and be justified in doing so. Today, she was blessed and got her chance.

  11. Don’t mess with people in crappy jobs … they literally will kick your ass… it’s not like they’re losing a 6 figure income … wrong girl to mess with

  12. Because people think they can treat people serving them however they like without consequences, hopefully the woman who slapped got some sense knocked into her.

  13. Everyone’s always so hard when the other person is being held back. Legally you should be required to let the person whose being held back go when the other party is running their mouth.

  14. Sweet shit man....lucky the cashier didn't have any training ....even the flailing slaps made her back down. One good punch to the jaw would have been a one shot knockout

  15. They should’ve let the employee clock her a few times more. Was well deserved clobbering. Maybe would’ve taught that Karen a lesson.

  16. She was contemplating slapping her with the food, but she probably didn’t want to have to go somewhere else to get food and fight someone else.

  17. absolutely unacceptable. strike an employee and not only should you suffer at the hands of all present, you should spend the next few years in prison at the mercy of the guards and prisoners.

  18. Fuck that guy that took her off. She hadn't yet bothered the slapper. She deserved a couple more seconds to try. (Furreal. The slapper took those hits like a champ. Probably because she's a piece of shit who has been hit on many other occasions.)

  19. Never ever hold somebody of your team from the back while they are in a fight. You only gonna make it worse for the one in your team.

  20. Okay, you shouldn’t slap someone if they didn’t put their hands on you first. So I’m not necessarily saying the employee was in the wrong (I just saw a short video though, so I don’t know the whole context, i.e. I don’t know if the employee was threatening her). But a good life lesson for anyone to learn is don’t go around putting your finger in someone’s face and expect to walk away with your life. I’m not saying it’s justified, but doing that often elicits a violent response from people and you could end up dead. Just a tip for self-preservation.

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