WCGW Passing by a ship

  1. You need to use the room before you're that close. They opted for the least damage once they were in the situation.

  2. Isn't the ocean fairly expansive? This is like watching a little kid learning to ride a bike going down an empty road and they aim for and hit the only mailbox around.

  3. It is, but not knowing where this happened we can’t say they were in open ocean. This could have been in a channel or shipping lane, one could have been overtaking the other and encountered mechanical failure etc. I’ve been on ships where the “throttle” so to speak, got stuck full ahead, rudder stopped responding as well one time.

  4. The ocean is expansive, but, shipping channels can be surprisingly narrow, and everyone is trying to follow the optimum route.

  5. A yacht sailed past our tall ship once and got demasted for their effort trying to check us out. It was like a seeing a smart car getting crushed by two semis.

  6. How could this has happened with radars and daylight and everything else. All basic navigational and Maritime laws were ignored. They were the most incompetent captains ever to let this stupid accident occurred. They should never be allow to command a ship again.

  7. This is like when you have a nice car so you park away from everyone else but some prick has to park right beside you.

  8. This is like the urinals in the mens bathroom, you got this whole ass ocean but you chose to get right next to me

  9. Not always, it depends on where you are. There are different laws for when you’re within a certain distance of a port, compared to out on sea.

  10. The tanker could have been refueling the ship, and just got a bad current or something. In ocean, gas station come to you. But yeah, they could have kept a little more distance than that.

  11. I think you're right. I didn't notice the dropped line first time but it does look like the bigger ship was stationary.

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