WCGW not knowing how use a bow

  1. Yup. That's exactly what I thought was coming too. I shot a 90lb draw weight bow once and it skinned my forearm so bad that I needed to see a doctor. I've yet to let it happen again.

  2. A Bow Burn would be fine because with that pressure he could get a Bow "Holy shit my flesh is gone".

  3. I was waiting for over draw on too short an arrow and having the arrow go through his left wrist, or hit the grip upon release. The actual event was pretty impressive in its own right.

  4. I think this is less about not knowing how to use a bow (though clearly he doesn't) and more that he's trying to use a bow that he isn't strong enough for.

  5. The bow is cranked down too much and maybe the draw length is a too long for him. He only really used his arm/shoulder to draw it back. Pinching the shoulder blades together also give a little bit of extra oomph when drawing a bow. Letting go at full draw, eh, I have no clue why.

  6. He's more than strong enough to use that bow. If he managed to pull it back with such shit form then he would have been able to pull it back with ease if he pulled it back correctly. His friend was too busy watching him make a full of himself to tell him how to draw it though.

  7. Like seriously compound bows are NOT for beginners. They’re terrifying to move to even from simple bows, so I can’t imagine what it’s like starting out with one. This video is the Biggest Bow fear there is. (At least to me)

  8. After carefully watching this video far too many times, I actually have a slightly different theory. I think he actually does know how to use a bow, but this bow is just a very bad fit for him.

  9. He definitely doesn't know how to use a bow. His stance is all wrong. You want to be standing with your left side facing the target. Keep the left arm straight and draw the string back across your chest

  10. Yes and no. It more the fact that the draw length of the bow is not right for him causing his anchor point to drift because he has to bend his arm to compensate. He probably would have been fine if the draw length was right.

  11. Dude shot a bow with an arrow instead an arrow with a bow. If this isnt Tom&Jerry, I dont know what is.

  12. He’s definitely gunna shoot it in his foot…any minute…here we go…wait…this time…fuck me this is video is far too lo..fucking belter

  13. Why was he squatting all bow legged and stuff? Also the awkward laughing of “haha this is totally not embarrassing at all-“ is priceless

  14. If you’ve never shot a bow (the guy in the video) they’re surprisingly tricky. When the weight is too high it is incredibly uncomfortable and unintuitive because you can’t find the proper way to draw without straining yourself.

  15. Fuck dude with that terrible draw form he’s going to blow a tendon in his shoulder… my coach would’ve whooped me with an arrow shaft for that lmao

  16. I shoot Compound Bow and this was painful to watch, but atleast the string did came out of the cams, that would have cut everything open that is in its path

  17. It looked like he forgot to pull the trigger of the string holder (or whatever that wrist equipment is called) and as a result started to relax his arm and the bow smacking him in the face

  18. Start with the bow overhead, and draw as you lower it to level. His technique was pretty much as bad as you can get. The draw length looked a little too short for him (or he just never fully drew it out) and the draw weight was definitely higher than he should have been playing with in the first place

  19. If he had it slightly longer, seeing as it's a compound, the string would kind of lock in place (not really lock but it's just much easier to hold) and the way he pulled back was painful to watch. I've done 8 ish years of archery and never seen anything that bad

  20. OP clearly also doesn't know how to use a bow, because anyone who has shot a bow before knows that the bow's draw weight is too high for that dude.

  21. This guy foreal doesn’t have a stance between “act like I know karate” squat, and “I literally do not have knees” standing pose

  22. I was about to say "he just lacks strength" and then the guy decided to let go off the bow instead of the string

  23. Why is everybody shitting on the bowman? It’s pretty clear the guy filming is an archer who is getting his buddy to shoot for the the first time. Instead of providing guidance he just laughs at him and let’s him injure himself.

  24. Sometimes... It blows my mind to see some people not knowing how to use simple things. I admit, prolly I'm not good at some simple tasks either, but among them, not knowing how to use a bow it's not included.

  25. I've shot compounds like that for around 5 years, he needs to lower the fucking poundage and improve hit stance, if your right eye dominant point you toes to the right at shoulder width. Put the string to your nose, and use a fucking wrist strap for God's sake, not needed but strongly recommended

  26. Yikes I thought it would burn his arm because of the missing fletcher but he somehow let go with the wrong hand.

  27. The pull on that bow was too strong for him. Stance was terrible. I Houghton for a minute he had let the arrow slip and was going to shot the ground about 5 feet in front. Learned to us about at 12. Parents made me take lessons before I could touch it.

  28. Looks like he knows how to use it but some compound bows have hundreds of pounds to even pull back. He just wasn’t strong enough to hold it pulled back

  29. I was expecting the chord to slap his arm so hard it would bleed. Totally unexpected outcome

  30. He let go of the wrong end. This is basically when you try to slingshot a rubber band and hit yourself. Fun times.

  31. Okay... so... as someone who has worked on bows for 5+ years and have been an archer for 20+ years I can honestly say that the dumb ass here is the person who's bow that is. My guess, just from the video, is that the owner of the bow is person filming and his buddy trying to pull a 70+ compound bow that he has never drawn before.

  32. What I see is an Iresponsible owner giving someone a bow knowing it isn't safe for then to use and films them getting hurt. NOT FUNNY.

  33. I shot a bow like this before without guidance ended up slapping the hell out of my forearm thought the same was going to happen to him, but this was freaking hilarious. He just folded back up.

  34. The fact that he was scared to look in the direction of the bow probably meant that this happened before, how the fuck do you release the wrong hand though?

  35. Hmmm the only time I've seen someone shooting a bow was in minecraft. Let's get a compound bow and try my best

  36. The bow is too heavy for him, and it looks like he was extending his arm straight out, I was thinking he was either gonna break his arm. Or have hell of a bow burn, didn't think he'd let go of the bow

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