WCGW working out more than 1 hour

  1. Because Reddit is shit and they’ve got the interns working on the video player unsupervised

  2. You have audio enabled? Videos are so much better with audio disabled by default. No annoying, unwanted music/noises.

  3. Disruption is good sign you hit your target muscle, but training legs for 3 hours is a good way to get injured. After a certain amount of sets its diminishing returns anyway.

  4. Generally true, but it can work with the right type of training. Working a muscle to failure for 3 hours is a bad idea, but a well rounded leg day can include mobility and form work that can stretch a routine in to 3+ hours.

  5. I used to do dutch style kickboxing & have had tendon injuries in both legs, as I get older I feel like I'm slowly losing the strength in them so I try to keep in shape as much as possible... I have no clue how people do this for more than an hour tbh.

  6. Just looking at him I think it's fair to assume he knows what he is doing when it comes to training.

  7. it can literally destroy your muscles when working out that hard, and by proxy cause kidney injury. your muscles essentially start shredding themselves apart and the muscle protein floating around in your blood cant be filtered out by your kidneys, blocking them up and damaging them. these guys' muscles are extremely overworked, he gotta take a break for one or multiple days and keep an eye out for blood in his urine

  8. Can confirm this is a terrible idea and a good way to cripple yourself by the ripe old age of 30. Rip joints, tendons, bones (micro fractures).

  9. This reminds me of one time a friend decided to try and workout with me, and encouraged me to push him like a coach. After a medium full body workout we headed upstairs to the bikes. After 30 minutes of riding at the same pace I was, we hopped off and he went full newborn deer, watching him come back down those stairs is something I won't forget.

  10. Yeah lol, does OP ever excersize? I'm a swimmer, and I would always have over an hour of practice, my runner friends run for longer, than me and my practices were 1:30 normally. Not experienced with excersizing in a gym but I imagine it can still take a while.

  11. Working the biggest muscle group in your body that hard is DANGEROUS in case anybody is wondering. It can easily lead to a heart attack.

  12. Had this happen to me. Peed brown and went to emergency. 5 days on a catheter getting my kidneys flushed. Rhabdo is no fun :(

  13. I’ve had this happen to a lesser extent when squatting after a long break. My college gym was up two flights of stairs and I almost didn’t make it down

  14. Yup that was me when I used to go to the gym and do legs. Had to go up and down 2 flights of stairs just to go into my gym. The walk down was never pleasant after a good leg day 😅

  15. I lift weights for 20 to 30 minutes 3 times a week. When I do my little 30 minute leg workout my legs are quite sore. I cannot imagine the certified fresh hell that this man has caused in his legs. What a fucking moron.

  16. had to scroll too far for this. This guy is @ thekingofdiet on tiktok, he has posted the same bullshit many times along many other attention whoring stuff.

  17. Is that actually based on something? I saw Arnold saying he did 2 hours twice a day in his prime. Maybe there was diminishing returns after an hour.

  18. 3 hours is a long time, but it depends on how long rest was between sets. I have had this happen in the past but that was because of low glucose in blood.

  19. I think this guy might know what he’s doing in general more than the random weightlifting experts in the comments. Probably needs some potassium and some water though

  20. This guy just gives way less of a fuck about his health than most people in the comments. A lot of people like this have body dysmorphia the same way someone with anorexia does. This dude is juiced out of his mind.

  21. As a kid I took Taekwondo and the instructor made us squat down and kick from a squat then move forward and made us walk/squat all around the room doing this. When my mom picked me up after the lesson I sat in the car and my legs would not stop shaking. He was not a good instructor.

  22. You shouldn't be training any muscle group to the point that you can't fucking walk. That's how permanent injury happens. Do it twice a day then with rest in between if you really need those gains. You don't see The Rock dragging his ass out of the gym like this.

  23. This guy is such a tool, one of the 2 people I have blocked on all social media platforms. All he posts are videos of him eating an absurd amount of fast food and him at the gym saying he can eat like that because he works out hard. Mentions NONE of the steroids hes clearly on as to why its really possible for him to eat like shit and put on muscle over fat. Terrible to gaslight people like that.

  24. I would be physically incapable of walking for at least 2 weeks if I got to that point in the gym. If I even get a decent pump I’m sore for like 3 days after. Given, I don’t workout all that much but still

  25. Eh, that's just pointless exercise. Once you hit the point where you're unable to use that body part for anything else, that means anymore exercise for that part will likely injure it. If it doesn't, then you'll just get diminishing returns. Your muscles have been torn as much as possible, any more exercise won't bring any benefit to it.

  26. Been there done that, puked in the parking lot for 20 minutes before hoping my knees were good enough to hit the brakes on the way home

  27. I trained legs with my friend who has huuuuge legs once. I actually doubted whether I could make it to my car afterward.

  28. That’s why I don’t focus on one body part when I work out. I have to do full body workouts. I’m not there, strength and endurance wise, where I can focus on leg day, arm day etc.

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