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  1. So basically all I have to do is not get the vaccine and be responsible, like I am already, and I don't have to pay taxes, get drafted, or any of that? I mean, I was home schooled as it was. Guess I could just enjoy my life

  2. Lol, I'm thinking that guy is unvaccinated. Doesn't anyone else see that it's a joke, and all those "restrictions" are desirable to him?

  3. Haha this actually sounds pretty good, no taxes, all the drugs you want, no cops to stop you but ehatever in murica you have all the weapons you need…. I would go to the dark side honestly

  4. This seems like a really good time to learn the difference between the word “unvaccinated” and the word “anti vaxxer”. Otherwise you end up being a piece of shit to the very people we’re supposed to be protecting with these vaccines.

  5. Guys this is a toxic message meant to separate our country. If you're for segregation again feel free, but otherwise don't support this mentality. I'll answer any questions and discuss with people in a civil matter.

  6. This is a dumb statement arguing for authoritarianism. If people aren’t getting vaccinated it’s a failure of education or other systems or a lack of trust in our medical institutions and the root problem needs fixing.

  7. Kind of racist all this “get the vaccine or else” shit going around. After what the government did to black people in the past, testing viruses on their population disguising it as a vaccine... Now they expect historically oppressed people (and others now) to just trust everything now? People are still unaware of systemic racism and its rippling effect on society. Of course OP in the tweet is white (privileged)…

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