1. When my kid started watching Sesame Street recently, I was fascinated to learn that Oscar the Grouch isn't called "the Grouch" because of his temperament necessarily but because he is part of the "Grouch" species.

  2. Dave Chappelle: "I turned on Sesame Street. And I was, like: "Oh, good. Sesame Street. This is much better cause now he'll learn how to count and spell." But now I'm watching it as an adult and I realize that Sesame Street teaches kids other things. It teaches kids how to judge people. And label people. That's right. They got this one character named Oscar. They treat this guy like shit the entire show. They judge him right to his face. "Oscar, you are so mean. Isn't he, kids?" "Yeah. Oscar, you're a grouch!" He's, like, "Bitch, I live in a fucking trash can! I'm the poorest motherfucker on Sesame Street. Nobody's help in' me." Now you wonder why your kids grow up and step over homeless people, "Get it together, grouch. Get a job, grouch." So don't even tell me how to get to Sesame Street, that is a terrible place. I wouldn't go there if I knew the way."

  3. This makes total fucking sense to me. Its been over 30 years since i last pondered this but thank you, coz i finally have an answer

  4. I never really thought of Oscar being homeless. When I saw the tunnels and all the stuff he had in one of his rooms I was amazed. This was the early 80s maybe late 70s.

  5. Every time I see this meme, I think of Elmo in Grouchland. It's more proof that Twitter snark is all hot air.

  6. It's also bigger on the inside. I think in one episode he had room for an entire auditorium for an orchestra. Also it connects all trashcans on sesame street

  7. Big bird probably lives in giant tree or nest (redwood or sequoia maybe?). Count has a fucking castle. Snuffie lives in a shed or garage of some sort. Pretty sure the others have apartments or houses

  8. Big Bird lives outside in with a privacy fence for a wall, Elmo lives in a room with a crayon wallpaper, Bert and Ernie live in a apartment flat together and that’s about all I can recall

  9. This is the first time they addressing children who are homeless. They have addressed adults who are homeless.

  10. They also introduced a new muppet who they claimed was the first bilingual character on Sesame Street, as if The Count's accent is from his native Brooklyn.

  11. Hey did anyone else see that one movie where Elmo fell into Oscar’s trash can to get his blanket back but he ended up in like a whole other dimension?

  12. Grouchland is a parallel dimension that Oscar is from, but he doesn't live there. The trash can is bigger on the inside and is the size of a mansion, with a portal to Grouchland within it.

  13. Oscar's trash can is a fucking mansion. The can is just the doorway. He's a lot of things, but he's not homeless.

  14. It's sad that homelessness is prevalent enough for them to feel the need to cover it (let alone child homelessness)

  15. Isn’t that a little fucked in just a “so this is where society’s headed?” sense that our children’s programming has to adapt to the times by adding a homeless character to better explain the growing phenomena resulting from multiple financial crises to children?

  16. Thats his fuckin home! All grouches live where they love, which is trash. You would know if you took the time to read up on your Grouch lore 😤😤😤

  17. A homeless Muppet to teach kids about homelessness doesn't mean much in a time when Sesame Street is only available on premium cable TV rather than PBS.

  18. His Trashcan is bigger than my apartment and closer to amenities. It's got a 7 figure sale price should he ever sell it.

  19. Fuck me, the Stockholm syndrome is real with you lot. I came here to post some ironic bit about the government classifying the trashcan as a home in order to downplay the homeless rate, only to find a whole bunch of people unironicially saying the trashcan is his home.

  20. There is a movie in which it is revealed that under the trashcan is an underground mansion. Elmo in Grouch Land, seriously.

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