1. Yes! If state and local governments mandated some degree of work from home for those who did so successfully during the pandemic, fuel demand would drop hard. This would lower prices and allow those who need to drive anyway to do so with greater fuel efficiency versus stop-and-go traffic.

  2. Seriously! I thrived during lockdown. I got wayyy more work accomplished from home than I ever did in the office.

  3. It’s already unethical from a carbon footprint perspective. Commuting is a waste of time, energy, and CO2.

  4. My work asks us to come in 2 days a week. Not really mandatory. And they buy lunch the first day, drinks the second.

  5. Nah, its just plain unethical to neither be compensated for commuting expenses generally or being paid for time spent commuting. Obviously, if we were to be paid for the commute, there would need to be rules and a system in place, but commuting isnt free time, both figuratively and, ideally, literally. We should be getting paid for it.

  6. When I was a field tech we got paid commute time and I had sites up to 3hrs away. The first 30 mins were unpaid and I clocked it through an app. My last job had commuter benefits-$120/mth but only for those who bike, use parking decks, take the trains, we weren’t allowed to use it for gas. In our area there is no parking deck, or train & 75% of the staff commuted one way 1-1.5hrs by car. Everyone would have benefited.

  7. Oh prices in Ontario dropped to $7.88 for a brief moment and I expect they will climb back up over 8 soon. Taking the exchange into account that’s $6.14 USD.

  8. It's unethical to ask people to go in when they can do it from home for many reasons, cost aside. Why tf should any of us be adding the unnecessary emissions?

  9. My little 05' Accord has a 17 gallon tank and I paid $77.85 for a fill up today in NJ. That's what I was paying when I had a pick up on a normal day

  10. It's unethical because of the amount of shit cars spews out, further deteriorating the climate crisis

  11. Back when gas was close to $4 a gallon some years ago I remember I asked my boss if we could work from home 2-3 Days a week. He kept getting pissed off and “didn’t understand where the request was coming from”. I told him gas prices were killing me. He looked me dead in the eye and told me it wasn’t the companies fault I decided to live so far away from the office. Keeping in mind this guy loves a 10 minute walk from the building.

  12. Yeah, my job wouldn’t let me switch to 4 10s when they brag about the flex schedule (in/out). So, I quit and got 2 work from home jobs. One ft and one is 15hrs. I make $800 less a month, but I’m not spending $600 in gas and reduced my commute by 2 hours so idc.

  13. Not really, public transit still costs time. I can roll out of bed and be 'at work' in less than two minutes vs an hour+ of getting ready and driving/riding to a meaningless office.

  14. Non-Americans, particularly Europeans, need to stop trying to make it a pissing contest by saying how their fuel is approximately $8-$10 a gallon. Okay, but the difference here is one state is the size of your country and much of it doesn't have the infrastructure for public transportation. Trams, trains, and busses isn't an option for Americans who don't live in a large city, so personal vehicles are a lifeline for them

  15. Have you seen the state of public transport on the uk? If I had to rely on it to get to work every day I would have to get on the bus to go before the bus bringing me home gets into town and would cost more than buying fuel for my car. There aren't buses running from my semi rural town to the nearest train station at the time I would need to leave, similar to get home. I live about 11 miles from where I work by the way.

  16. Meanwhile in europe we're paying the equivalent of 8+ bucks per gallon. So my sympathies for the US are very slim in this regard.

  17. No sympathies for you dolts either. No wonder your gas is so much more expensive when you allow politicians to levy excise gas taxes that are ~3-4 times higher than the US. Can't remember which European country it was but I read that their tax on gasoline accounts for about 50% of the final price per gallon. Crazy.

  18. If one gallon is 4.5 liters... that's 0.6 dollars per liter... in my country, the price of one liter of gasoline is 2.46 dollars... multiply that with 4.5 is .... drumroll... 11 dollars per gallon... welcome to Europe!

  19. In the UK I am currently paying around $9.90 for a gallon of fuel. Per week my husband and are spending around $175 per week for fuel for our two cars combined

  20. Yep. Broke my heart, but I sold my V8 4Runner in September of 21, I was commuting 30-40 miles per day in it, by myself. 14mpg.

  21. A couple people already started coming in less because of gas prices. Especially the ones who live an hour+ away.

  22. Mileage reimbursement to and from work should be mandatory for your employer. The only reason I have a car is to drive to and from work.

  23. Especially when a lot of us just did our jobs at home for 2 years. Just let the rest of us go home and give the gas to our various service workers and tourists. Hopefully the reduction will cause a price decrease.

  24. My husband and I agree the only way to get these companies to stop raising prices is to stop buying their product. Continuing to buy their product shows them that they can get away with raising the prices.

  25. People who work in offices really only think about themselves 🥱. Tell that to anyone who has to be on site or in person for a living.

  26. Lucky the office workers get a choice. Those who work other In person jobs have to pay reguardless, in addition to making less on average

  27. That’s hilarious. My wife’s work stuffed everyone into the office even when we didn’t have a vaccine. Her coworkers told her she was a stupid whiny baby for not wanting to get covid. Now they’re complaining about gas prices and want to work from home.

  28. If everyone who could work from home did it would lower prices for those who can’t. Remember how low prices got during lockdown? 🤔

  29. I’m interested in her proposal to get baby formula made, shipped to her local grocery store, and put on the shelf from home.

  30. The only way to stop inflation is to create a cap on businesses raising prices. Minimum wage goes up, prices go up. It’s a stupid ass system.

  31. Americans are spoiled and dumb as shit. Take the fucking bus, walk, bike, bus, electric scooter, carpool, etc. and don’t give me I have to take a car. Most y’all live in the cities or suburbs. I lived in rural Utah and rural Idaho and still took the bus.

  32. I love these 9-5 ppl who don’t even think about all the ppl who physically have to be at work to work and help them all the time, ppl who work at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants etc…these ppl can’t work from home so suck it up and drive to your cushy desk job

  33. More people working from home helps everyone. Why would you want more people on the road than necessary? Just to see people be as miserable as you?

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