1. Coming from someone living outside of the US - y'all live in a dystopian cynical comedy video game. What the actual fuck.

  2. The stupid parts of our population have held a lot of voting power for a very long time and they want everyone to be as dumb and fearful as them. Luckily there's an entire party dedicated to exploiting them for profit and power.

  3. My Dad admitted yesterday that he would have happily let Trump remain in power, even knowing he didn't win. The base is starting to accept they are traitors without even realizing it. So much for that Constitution they're constantly bringing up. Guess they haven't read it...

  4. What's hilarious to me is conservatives are against conservation. Like it's in their name, you think they could stop destroying the earth for five fucking minutes but no.

  5. Fighting progress is like trying to hold a waterfall in your hands without any spilling. All you're doing is impeding the natural flow of society. You'll never win, so why fight it? History will only remember you as the idiot who thought they could stop a waterfall with their hands.

  6. We're aware of the situation. Saying "these people are criminals" over and over isn't doing anything, but it is reminding everyone that the DOJ has taken very little action to put Trump and his associates in jail.

  7. Because... Most prosecutors are conservative, they believe the point of the justice system is actually an order system to maintain stability in society by protecting the status quo...

  8. "A granddaughter of Michigan Governor and businessman George W. Romney and niece of U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, McDaniel has been known for her prolific fundraising and staunch support for President Donald Trump as RNC chair"

  9. A lot of Republicans who lick DT's butt are involved in the attack on the capitol. They asked for preemptive pardons. Why? Because they are guilty of sedition. They should hang.

  10. Stop calling everything a fucking terrorist, the word has lost all meaning now. The GOP are not terrorists, they are definitely fascists, but that's not the same thing as terrorist. Terrorist isn't shorthand for "anyone who is sufficiently evil".

  11. That's nowhere near comparable. A party can choose their candidate how they want, people can run as independent if they don't like it. A party can't try and overturn the results of a general election by fraudulent means.

  12. Well yes, but one is "take your money, don't deliver on promises, and ignore public voting in national primaries" corrupt, and the other is "over throw democracy through violence, strip away civil rights, and scam people out of their money" corrupt. They are not the same.

  13. The Democrats started the false Russia narrative, pushed false impeachment twice, consistently pushed false narratives about trump, overreacted to the flu with a 99.8% survival rate, wants to force vaccines, sexualizes children, and wants to disarm the Public

  14. fam, you really have so little good in your life that you would create an entire account specifically to troll on reddit? just look at your username. i bet you probably don't even believe the shit you're posting. you're specifically trying to be as inflammatory as possible, and it couldn't be more transparent.

  15. False Russia Narrative? If it was false then why did crooked Barr squirrel away the Mueller report before anyone could see it? Trump and many of his associates were 100% involved with Russia. Did it effect the outcome of the election? We will never know.

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