Gaetz, after voting no on FEMA aid for FL along with every FL Repub, including Rubio and Scott

  1. It's a post-truth society. They can do whatever they want and if they get called out on it then that's just their haters lying about them.

  2. Guy is talking about abolishing my health care at the VA. I served 12 years active duty and went to Afghanistan. He’s spent 5 years trying to dismantle democracy and brought a minor across state lines for sex.

  3. I’m a veteran and I sit in the VA hospital doing my phlebotomy and all the veterans around me talking about liberals, wokeness and still fucking Hilary’s muthafucking emails. I had to yell shut the fuck up I can’t hear the Price is Right.

  4. I have private healthcare but I still use the VA and I prefer it. I didn’t realize why until recently. Someone brought up the runaround they were getting for an MRI at Kaiser. I realized that I prefer the VA because there’s no horseshit insurance involved which (I think)makes it more likely a doctor will give the treatment necessary without having to worry about getting denied. I told my primary care physician that I was having headaches and that same day I was able to make an optometry appointment and a CT appointment with zero fuss

  5. Can't wait to see a significant portion of FL vets still vote for him despite wanting to abolish their already lacking healthcare and then voting against helping them after having their houses destroyed and lives changed

  6. It infuriates me that the brainwashed people claim to support the troops but vote for mjt, bobert and this bozo.

  7. Someone like you should run against him and say these exact things with him there on stage. I don't get why democrats sugar-coat everything these institutionalized pedophiles do, and pretend like it's normal and you gotta respect your opponent. If you respect a totalitarian pedophile you're part of the problem.

  8. Fuck that guy. Spouting off about ending veterans health benefits, while you can be damn sure there are thousands of veterans working at risk right now to rescue people and clean up the storm damage in his state. And exactly when did the GOP turn into Russian shills? All this carping about helping Ukraine. Who voted for Butt Head, anyway?

  9. “They should have gotten that money. They can’t get this money, no, this money is off limits. We’re voting no on this money. It’s that money that we wanted in the first place. Why can’t we have that money?”

  10. Lol as if we're just giving it to Ukraine. Our aid is basically high interest loans. If that's what he wants for the state of Florida, I'm sure we can make an arrangement.

  11. This is insult to all barely human garbage. He doesn't deserve to be called human along with all the Republicans who voted against.

  12. If someone put this behavior in a book or a movie 20 years ago, no one would believe it was realistic. Now, it’s par for the course.

  13. It's a coordinated GOP power play. They've gaslighted their way to a conquistador reality and are trying to enshrine it. Every bit of it. 100% chest thumping contest to discredit the Dems with the American polity. No stunt too stupid, no logic too twisted, no accusation too outlandish. It's an all in power play prompted by 20+ years of Gingrich, Limbaugh, etc., and finally Trump. They're using the chaos of covid to hide behind while they project, fingerpoint, deflect, obstruct, gaslight, and fascist their way to power because they really believe this shit. It's a different world view. 30 state seccession by 25.

  14. I hope the White House Twitter account is still calling out republicans on their shit. Having the WH account call out Matt "Pizza" Gaetz would be extra awesome

  15. … how the fuck is this the first time I’ve ever seen the “Matt Pizza Gaetz” joke? Like that’s literally perfect I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before

  16. But it wouldn't matter if they did! His idiotic supporters don't look at the White House Twitter or CNN or a reputable newspaper or news show they only live in their Echo chamber and listen to Fox News and idiot Twitter feeds like this so how the hell do we fight against dumbshits like that?

  17. You voted NO dumbfuck. That means you wanted nothing, so now you get nothing. I get you’re really, really stupid, but try to keep up, you’re supposed to represent the citizens of Florida, not constantly failing trying to “stick it to the dems”.

  18. Not just him, but every Florida Republican in the house. The bill was mainly the stop gap to keep the government running through December so not only did they deny Florida extra money but they are trying to ahutdown the government as well. One of the people said they didn't like that the money was for FEMA in general and not specifically for Florida. They want Florida to get earmarked X amount of aid ao they can spend the excess on their buddies shell companies.

  19. this was his plan he’s not dumb he’s calculated now the right will use this for the next 2 years in florida to sway voters

  20. The problem is his base doesn't see it that way. He's not dumb, he's saying everything he needs to tow the party line and stay afloat.

  21. Idk where else to ask but i read a comment that said "unrelated" stuff like ukranian aid was tied to the Florida disaster aid. Do u know where i can read what was in the aid package. Like is that really the reason the voted no? Why else would they vote no?

  22. Called it. Everyone was posting about him, and the other Republicans, voting no and asking why they’d vote no.

  23. This hurricane would have never happened if Trump was still in office. A lot of people tell me that we have the greatest anti-hurricane missiles in the world. We're going to MAKE HURRICANES GREAT AGAIN. MAHA.

  24. it's part of a very cynical plan. Shoot down any Democrat-headed offer for support, then complain they aren't being supported for reasons completely unrelated to the current issue.

  25. Unironically, let's do that. If they were fine burning billions just to send my dumb ass to Afghanistan to literally sit there in a watch tower, then we should have the ability to fork over that amount of cash for whatever infrastructure we need!

  26. I think it's important to remember that this is a big political gamble and that it could end up working. I think there are plenty of people out there who could decide to vote red just because they liked how these guys handled this. I see stupid people all over the place so I know they're out there.

  27. I’m old enough to have watched a lot of cities destroy themselves with bad government here in California. The Republicans took it statewide in their own Red States and Trump elevated it to the national level with his Presidency and his ongoing grift. It’s always for the money and the people that pay the biggest price are those that vote Republican. Republicans are like heroin and OxyContin, addicting people with sweet dreams and lies. All for one small price today and ever higher costs tomorrow.

  28. He'll still get reelected. Florida is America's flaccid penis infected with STDs who's names are DeSantis, Rubio and Gaetz.

  29. Serious question. Why would they vote no on that? Are they seriously sacrificing potentially thousands of lives for their political careers?

  30. The thing is, Democrats can't even use this as leverage because Florida's Republican representatives are so spineless, they'd veto aid to their constituents just if it also halts Democrats agenda.

  31. Your daily reminder that Ukraine has received basically zero dollars in US assistance — sending over shipping containers full of weapons and ammo is completely different from sending cash money. Do Floridians want shipping containers full of weapons and ammo to solve their hurricane problems? Wait, don‘t answer that…

  32. Ukraine was violently invaded by a dictatorial state with murderous intent. Floridians keep willingly rebuilding structures that can't withstand hurricanes in a place that gets them every year. These things are not the same.

  33. Republicans, after buying a gun and ammo, cleaning the gun, loading it, aiming it at their foot, cocking the hammer, disarming the safety, and pulling the trigger: "Fucking liberals"

  34. The sad reality is that his constituents will fall right in line and take his tweet as solid proof that we are somehow caring more about Ukraine than things here at home.

  35. We’re missing the part where the Republican party has been infiltrated by Russia. So not only is the alleged pedophile Gaetz asking for relief from the hurricane (that he voted against), he is saying we should stop supporting Ukraine and allow his Russian overlords to run free.

  36. The saddest part is his supporters will agree with him not even caring that he voted against the very thing he’s complaining he isn’t getting. It’s insane.

  37. Matt Gaetz is a little bitch. Plain and simple. Mutha never served, yet wants to decide what happens to vets. Fuck Matt Gaetz!! Plus to me he looks sooooo punchable, like that red headed super villain dude off the incredible’s. Also, let me emphasize again how much of a little bitch Matt Gaetz is….. Matt Gaetz is a little Bitch!

  38. The people who vote for them are headline voters and many fail to actually look up what they have voted against or for. They take their dumbass tweets at face value.

  39. The douche voted down $19.3 billion in FEMA funding, which was more than the $12.3 billion sent to Ukraine (while supporting our domestic military tech industry) in the bill.

  40. Fuck him. FEMA is targeted aid for those affected most, the poor. Just sending money means it will go to their rich supporters and corporate donors or into Congressman's pockets.

  41. I like how he says Florida man like everyone else says it as a compliment. Bitch please it is one of the biggest insult you could be called we don’t see it as an endearing term you fucktard

  42. What is Florida going to use a shitload of guns ammo and artillery for anyway? And is he really gonna act like the Ukraine war hasn't being going on since February?

  43. Grifter piece of shit. Why even vote against aid? It doesn't even make sense. He knows it is going to pass and is slam dunk universally popular with his constituents, even those that hate him and would never vote for him. Then he says dumb shit like this, that is easily verified that he is a hypocrite and actively working against those he ostensibly represents.

  44. Help us we're drowning throws life preserver swims in opposite direction "why won't you help us". Fucking asshole Republicans using human tragedy and disaster to make some backasswards political point by manufacturing "scandal" I say we let them play their little game and watch as their own constituents eat them alive.

  45. I really want the White House account to tweet “Matt Gaetz voted against all relief packages for Florida last week” with a link to the official congressional voting record

  46. Or send what you were going to send them to Ukraine. They didn’t want it. Ukrainians will appreciate it more.

  47. Republican politicians understand that republican voters are largely incredibly stupid, and will believe tweets and Facebook posts over actual data and statistics on how Congress votes.

  48. Wait so he voted against giving his state assistance & now he asking himself(?) to give him assistance? After saying he already said no?

  49. Never mind that he and every other Florida Republican in Congress voted against sending FEMA aid to Florida.

  50. Honestly, Matt Gaetz can go pound sand up his ass. He didn’t vote for aid for his own state. Don’t ask, don’t get. Hey Florida - vote better next time!

  51. I'm so flabbergasted as to how they think they can get away with voting against bills and then blaming Biden for their greed and lack of humanity, as though people with more braincells than their followers aren't going to check.

  52. This is the point. He knows his constituents are too in love with being angry at the federal government to actually give a fuck about receiving federal aid. He votes no and then blames the fed. Same shit that republicans have been doing since Reagan.

  53. How about no? You keep rebuilding the same shit that's going to get destroyed by another hurricane year after year. At least in Ukraine it's making a difference.

  54. It just makes me wanna cry. His supporters not only won’t even check to see how this idiot is lying, but they refuse to cuz fuck the libs and social media

  55. Try to sabotage aid to your own people, then claim Democrats are withholding aid. These people are fucking sick and will happily sacrifice lives for their own political power.

  56. I really wish someone would ask them an tape what their reasoning is for not not voting for aid then turning around and begging for money. I’m genuinely curious that all of these politicians reasonings would be

  57. This is top-tier gaslighting- I've never seen anyone attempt this level before, let alone attempt it on a mass scale. He deserves recognition for being the literal worst.

  58. Mr Grievance Baby just wants to whine. No solutions. Just a bald faced bad actor who would just as soon watch the world burn. Nice job Florida !

  59. Yeah the thing is they're getting aid wether the republicants like it or not. Every single one of those republicant fuckwits voted "no" to aid and now they're blaming their actions on the democrats. What a surprise.

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