What comes around comes around

  1. I mean yeah, they probably left because they couldn't afford a luxurious life there. if you can afford a luxurious life there, then your parents were ultimately extremely successful.

  2. It is crazy how living in a village is romanticized by people who have the means to live in a city. Even if you had money, living in a small village will get old real quick. You'd have one grocery store that only has the bare necessities and you'll have to drive far for everything else. The only pharmacy in the village my not be open when you need it and your internet may go out when you really need it and somebody that could help could be hours away and you probably have very little entertainment that you'll go nuts

  3. Well it's not so much village vs city. It is European village with healthcare and actual food and the ability to walk or bike to the grocery store vs American city where there isn't healthcare and most food is this weird science project, and you have to drive far for everything.

  4. I drive five minutes to a town of 2200 where I have a fully stocked grocery store beside a fully stocked pharmacy that can get anything by the next day or same day brought in from "the big city* same day for things needed same day. I know my neighbours, the local fire service and ambulance is good. You seem to think anything outside of the urban environment is a wasteland

  5. My Grandparents sold everything they had, bundled my mom into a wicker basket and took a ship across the Atlantic because even 10 years after WWII was over there was no decent industry in their small town in Germany. Now I think it would be great to live there, just as long as my neighbors speak decent English and I still had my American salary.

  6. You can probably get German citizenship at least. In fact I'd suggest trying just so you have a passport and guaranteed residence if things go a certain way over here

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