beer dart through the hand

  1. It could very well be glue, but wounds don't usually bleed that fast. Idk if you've ever gotten literally any sort of wound, but sometimes a chunk of skin will peel up and look grey-ish, and sometimes won't start bleeding for like 10 seconds.

  2. People call fake on this and it might be, but I’ve seen the video where a very drunk dude took a dart to the forehead and didn’t even realized what happened. So maybe drunk and in the hand with no reaction? Could be real.

  3. After watching the video where someone took a dart to the eye, I just can’t watch videos of a dart being thrown at a hand anymore.

  4. That is nothing. Have you seen the one of the girl getting hit in the eye and blinded for life by her boyfriend at a bar?

  5. Shock. A colleague of mine cut of his finger on a buzzsaw. He was really pale, walked completely calm to another co worker and said "I think I cut off my finger"

  6. Doesn't matter. If it's real, there's no nerves or tendons or anything in your hands. Perfectly safe to get darts stuck in them.

  7. There's always a loud, annoying guy in every group. Just pull the dart out, bandage your hand, and go about your business. Nobody likes a wimp that can't handle a minor stab wound with an appropriate amount of stoicism.

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