Still learning WordPress. Trying to figure out how to edit/view the site's master template in Elementor

  1. The main layout that has the header, menu, footer, contact info, socials, and so forth. The elements of the page which are the same on most pages of a site. These elements are not selectable when editing a page, and I haven't figured out how to access them.

  2. Are you using Elementor Pro? And what theme? You should just be able to go to pages>add new> name page> publish> then choose > edit with Elementor. If you don't want to publish first, just create page and choose edit with Elementor, this will create a draft. If the whole blocks page stuff gets you confused try adding the disable gutenberg plugin which will take all those popups away. You should also see edit with Elementor when you view your list of pages.

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