In a groundbreaking move, the L.A. City Council adopts approves Hotel Worker Protection Law that requires daily room cleaning & requires hotels to limit the daily workload of housekeepers & to provide “panic buttons” to protect workers from sexual attacks.

  1. Require daily room cleaning but limits the amount of workload? Something tells me one of those things are getting ignored.

  2. It’s a end-run around union protectionism, the law also added limits to the amount of square feet a housekeeper can clean in a day.

  3. It sounds to me like hotel owners are saying: "Boo hoo! We won't be able to keep overworking and exploiting our sla- employees! We'll just HAVE to raise our prices to pass the expenses on to the customers."

  4. They raise the cost for consumers and tell us it’s because of this and then do nothing for their employees

  5. I wonder if they're going to have to hire cleaners for overnights too? Cause that sucked, having only 1 cleaner on staff to clean rooms during day. I had to help during the night while ALSO watching for late guests, cleaning the lobby and tossing trash from day shift, counting the linens for inventory, tossing expired food, writing up orders for food/water, cleaning the ice machine AND doing daily auditing. Did I also mention I'd get in trouble for LEAVING front desk? No? Well....

  6. I personally don't want my room cleaned every day. Sure, come make the bed, stuff like that. But unless I'm there for over a week I don't see the need for a cleaning during my stay.

  7. Daily cleaning required is BS. That wasted so much water and is terrible for the environment. We don't need to invent more work, we need to pay people right for completing the work that exists.

  8. If this works properly, great! If it works like everything else in America's law system, it'll just be ignored by those that need to be following it

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