BREAKING: Workers at @McDonald ’s at 4015 W Century Blvd in LA are on strike. After striking at this store, and leading a statewide strike in DTLA, McD's has waged a campaign to humiliate, intimidate and silence our co-worker, including threats and retaliation for union activity.

  1. for real, I can definitely boycott. My 250lb grandmother can't. She will literally die without it. But I'm good!

  2. I would legit give up every coffee shop that I currently go to and exclusively go to a unionized Starbucks. That would be so cool.

  3. McDonalds would be a massive turning point for unions if they could get it going. We must support them in any way we can!

  4. Oh no what am I going to do if McDonald’s doesn’t pay me $3 and hour? Where will I ever find another job that doesn’t give a shit about me? It’s already humiliating working there in societies standards. I hope they unionize.

  5. Starbucks, Amazon, Kroger, John Deere… if McDonald’s is successful, this will be huge. I smell a change in the air and it’s sweet.

  6. The good people fighting the good fight, in solidarity. Good luck. Give em hell. Don't back down.

  7. Literally they pulled a fast one in Washington, offering 15.00$ an hour in late 2021. And then right when 2022 hit the minimum wage went to around 14.50 LMAO. Haven't seen them increase wages at all this year. Shady bastards.

  8. If all it takes is workers to work together for a mega corporation to "be crushed" then I'm all for it. Companies should not be able to exist on the backs of (wage) slaves.

  9. Nah. People wouldn’t buy that. McDonald’s would simply have to deal with higher labor costs and possibly raising prices a small percentage to cover some of their “losses” from paying a worthy wage.

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