Amazon warehouse workers stage global Black Friday strike

  1. You want to order a shit ton of stuff while the strike is ongoing to hurt Amazon so much they change their ways which is why they’re striking during the holiday period.

  2. The condition in your country is so bad, I feel so sorry. Workers barely have a work/life balance (even 3 paid weeks off per year would be barely decent). Minimum wage is so damn low with cost of living, esp. rent being explosively high. Health care nonexistent, and the entire student debt thing. It's so unacceptable and I'm rooting for unions to dominate and kick ass and the rich to get taxed appropriately.

  3. Blocked all Amazon domains on my network for over a year. Doing business the way Amazon does is never a way that deserves support. There is more than only the lowest price or the fastest shipping.

  4. One day doesn’t count as a strike, great but you know what millions of people bought stuff on amazon and it’ll get shipped Saturday. Commercialism of Xmas means amazon will be just fine

  5. Good job guys. At the end of the day, I’m more than happy seeing my stuff not turn up on time if ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS will be treated better for it. Amazons recruitment policy is intentionally predatory, hooking working class people with financial issues to be treated like serfs working in inhumane and degrading environments so they can make pennies off what their labour is really worth.

  6. Wishing people get cancer tells me the person is young, immature and never experienced witnessing someone go through cancer.

  7. Sadly we bought 4 heated Ororo vests. We were already going to buy them before the “Black Friday Sale” and then happened to see they were 42% off today. But literally that was it.

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